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Janet Thompson - Parent   (Mar 08, 2021)

Our son had an excellent experience at RNS. The small class size and sense of community are the things he appreciated most about the school. We could see his self-confidence in his studies improve during the school year. Meeting with his Advisor every morning before class provided a very good support system. Likewise, the student body at the school proved very supportive and enhanced our son's overall experience. The academic side of the school was more demanding than schools he had previously attended but the daily study time and availability of faculty for help made the work less onerous than it otherwise would have been. The bonds that were made with peers and faculty will be lifelong. He keeps in close touch with many of the friends he made at RNS and he could contact a former teacher at any time for guidance.

Glennamae Lauwerijssen - Parent   (Jan 05, 2021)

We have had 3 children attend RNS for grades 10-12. Our children have really enjoyed all the oppportunities provided by the school. They find the IB program to be academically challenging. They enjoy the international aspect of the school, allowing them to meet people from around the world and learn more about other cultures. They love being able to compete in sport at a higher level. They have made lifelong friends through the experience of living at the school and having sibling-like relationships with roommates, housemates and teammates. They have participated in many of the extracurricular opportunities including Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Go Girls, Cybertitans, Robotics Club, band, student-directed plays and the musicals. I know one of their favourite parts of the year is opening weekend when they go to New River Beach and have inter-house competitions. This activity is a great ice breaker to introduce the kids to the all-inclusive atmosphere at the school.

Javier Azagra - Parent   (Nov 16, 2020)

We had two kids at school, a girl from grade 6 until grade 8 and a boy from grade 9 till grade 12. He boarded the school the last year since we had to return to our home country Spain. What both like the best is the atmosphere that they were able to breathe at the school: a familiar atmosphere that helps you to know different cultures and participate in all you can think of. At the same time, it was also challenging since the school provides all the opportunities that you can think of. The school will help the kid to develop his/her strong aspects and improve his/Her weaknesses. They also enjoyed the balance between social life, academic and sport/art curricula. They would get support, not only from staff but especially from other students.

Ellen Milner - Parent   (Nov 16, 2020)

My son and daughter attended RNS for grades 10-12. For each of them, the major impact of RNS has been the relationships that they developed, both with their peers and with the staff. RNS provides a variety of structure and well-planned activities from opening to closing day that are fun, engaging, and designed to help students build connections. My children looked forward to house challenges, sports, theatre productions, movie nights, New River Beach day, and countless other events. As well, the small class sizes enabled them to form trusting relationships with their teachers. This is essential given the high level of academic expectations. While in residence, they were able to build their independent skills for managing free time, socializing, studying and activities with the support of their house parents.

Amy MacIsaac - Parent   (Oct 22, 2020)

My son appreciated the welcoming community at Rothesay and the chance to make friends from many different places and backgrounds. There are many with whom he is still in touch. The structure and accountability of study time during the week was a very positive influence on his academic growth. He had the opportunity to participate in the Round Square program which he really enjoyed and was excited to be part of the Entrepreneurship Boot Camp session. Despite injuries, he remained part of one of the sports teams and found some identity with them which was an important part of his growth through his teens. He connected with his Advisor and from a parent's perspective, this was a valuable tool for both the student and the parents- communication and support for both.

Wanda Flemming - Parent   (Oct 22, 2020)

Our daughters have really enjoyed the relationships they have developed with teachers and staff. Most teachers have taken the time to know our daughters, not just academically, but socially and emotionally, thus creating an overall personal knowledge. In the past, teachers have been quick to respond to student emails, even on the weekend, especially about homework. I hope this continues. Students have many opportunities to engage in service and charity work. This is something that has taught our daughters compassion and empathy for others and has shaped them as people. Our daughters have also enjoyed the opportunity to have the whole school come together for lunch. This has given them more of a chance to meet other students and talk with older and younger students.

Lisa Ashworth - Parent   (Oct 22, 2020)

To say that my daughter's life was transformed by attending Rothesay Netherwood School is not an exaggeration. From the day she first toured campus until her graduation during the lockdowns of Covid-19, Grace felt she was a valued part of the school community. The fact that she immediately filled out her contact information to stay in touch with RNS as an alumnus is a testament to the connection she feels after just two years as a student. When Grace arrived on campus to move into her residence, she was greeted by name and made to feel part of her school family. Everyone was helpful, welcoming and friendly. Teachers who were always available for help and encouragement and truly interested in helping her become the best version of herself made the transition to an IB program more manageable in grade 11. The diversity of the student population was very exciting for my daughter. Learning about many different cultures and Countries happened very naturally during free time on campus. One of my daughter's favourite aspects of RNS was the emphasis on developing the "whole student". Academics, athletics, community service; every part of school life provides value to our children as is viewed as important at this school.

Kyle MacDonald - Alumnus   (Oct 22, 2020)

I had an incredible and transformative experience from attending Rothesay Netherwood School (RNS). I came to the RNS from a public school for my senior year, and it was by far the best school experience of my life. At RNS, students are encouraged to develop in many areas, including academically, artistically, athletically, and as a leader and global citizen. At my old school, kids were pigeon-holed into narrow stereotypes, which limited the development of the whole person. So I was shocked at RNS to see jocks leading in school plays and artists on sports teams. The school broke down those stereotypes and gave me the confidence to pursue every dream. The best thing about RNS for me was the combination of caring faculty and staff coupled with rigorous academics. This approach allowed me to try, fail, and try again in a safe space, which accelerated my development and really prepared me to go to any university I wanted. Looking back now, the only thing I would have changed is I wish I had heard about the school sooner. For prospective students, they should expect to be challenged, to be mentored, and to broaden their horizons because an education from RNS opens many doors.

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