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REVIEW OF Rowntree Montessori Schools (RMS) BY parent, Salima Gilani

  • Date of Review
    December 04, 2019
  • Grades
    JK - Gr. 1

(5) Student Experience

My daughter has been in RMS since prep-one. Our experience with the school has been beyond excellent, from the moment she gets to school we can tell that she is excited and ready to learn. Rowntree offers an amazing STEM program which she loves but most of all she loves her teachers. My daughter also loves the free play time where she is encouraged to play with Montessori materials, read or do artwork. Its great to have this time for her to do independent work. The teachers at RMS are the best, they have helped instil so much confidence in her and encourage curiosity amongst the kids which in turn helps build a love for learning! The teachers have helped me as a parent identify my child's learning style and reinforce positive learning methods at home.

(5) School Leadership

RMS is great at communicating with parents, I know exactly what my daughter has learned at school daily through the online portal where teachers post pictures as well as progress/homework/reminders and announcement. I love the ability to message the teacher anytime I want and I always receive a prompt response back. In terms of leadership, Rowntree truly empowers children through not only focusing on the advanced academic programs it offers but also build social skills and participate in extracurricular activities.

(5) Teaching

The teachers and principal at RMS downtown campus are amazing. They are so passionate and enthusiastic. Most importantly teachers are able to assess the child's development and work towards coaching them in areas where there is a need. When my daughter needed help with her reading, the school ensured that a student teacher worked with her during class and before school. This helped tremendously. We love the individual attention the teachers and principal provide. There are also student teachers in each class to assist kids who require it.

(5) Academics

Rowntree has an advanced academic program with subjects such as Maths, science, french and computers. What makes RMS stand apart is that the school is able to reach advanced concepts through various simple fundamental methods such as using games/simulations/experiments etc. I know that these learning methods will stick with my daughter as she progresses through her schooling. At RMS my daughter is already able to do double digit maths, fractions, write and read basic french, code a robot, type words which is pretty advanced for a 6 year old. The school also hosts speech nights to help kids become more confident public speakers. All of these things combined with the care, attention and values the school promotes helps kids fine tune their leadership skills.

(4.5) Extracurriculars

RMS offers a range of exciting extracurricular activities. My daughter is in the choir, music, tennis, monkeynastics, coding and martial arts. What I love is that I dont need to look anywhere else! The activities are right after-school and offer a great fun way for my daughter to end her school day What I would love to see at the school is a competitive gymnastic program or dance at the school.

(5) Students

RMS has small class sizes, there are 9 students in my daughters class which means the teachers can cater to each child individually. When my daughter needs assistance one of the teacher is always ready to help I have witnessed the older kids at RMS help the younger kids whether it be during field trips, for academics or for concerts. This teaches responsibility and empathy. The kids are not only interacting with their class mates but others within the school as well The kids are great at showing school spirit and also competitivenese through the varioue challenges the school organizes such as spirit day, math bowl, soccer tournament etc. My daughter shows great pride in being an RMS student and I have noticed others in her class do so too

(5) School Life

School is where my daughter spends most of her day so when I pick her up at the end of the day and she says "Mama can I stay for 5 more minutes" that assures me that she is in great hands. My daughter loves the environment of the school and most importantly she trusts her teachers and is able to voice out her challenges as well as what she likes. She loves that she is able to ask for help from the teachers and her peers without any judgements. Her teachers encourage her to do so! As a parent I am also happy to see that my child has a warm meal at lunch. RMS campus has a kitchen where teachers help warm up the kids lunches. There are many days where school offers nutritious lunches taking the load off us! One of the things that I would like to see at the school is an after-school reading program to help those that need more coaching.

(4.5) Community

At RMS parents are encouraged to volunteer during field trips as well as concerts etc. Its a great way to get involved. The parent community is great. The PTA community also organizes some amazing events such as movie nights and socials. What's also great is that the school takes parents feedback seriously and incorporates it when it can. I believe the school truly appreciates and encourages parent involvement in all aspects. It terms of community and outreach RMS is excellent at organizing activities where the kids are able to learn the value of giving back for example donations towards Terry Fox run, mitten tree, toys for tots and others. RMS has built a very inclusive community where teachers, parents and students opinions are heard and it counts!

(4.5) School Location

The downtown campus is great because its walking distance from gage park, peel art museum, library and more which means when its summer the kids are always venturing out to these places to learn and have fun. The campus also has an indoor gym which is large enough for the kids to run around and have fun during the colder months.


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