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REVIEW OF Rowntree Montessori Schools (RMS) BY parent, Tolu Oke

  • Date of Review
    December 04, 2019
  • Grades
    JK - JK

(5) Student Experience

My child's experience at RMS Academy campus has so far been an exciting one. My child generally sees learning as fun and is always excited about any opportunity to learn new things and this is the kind of environment RMS Academy campus has provided him. He comes home daily talking about all the new, exciting stuff that he learnt or new places that he visited on field trips. He definitely loves his teachers, the subjects taught and his classmates. He also loves how most of the staff know him by name and always welcome him with a smile every morning. The school has made an avid learner even more interested in learning and I applaud them for this. As for disappointing moments, he hasn't had any yet!

(5) School Leadership

I cannot over-emphasize how amazing, warm and welcoming the leadership and administration is. The very first thing that stood out when we went for the school tour was how the staff knew most if not all of the names of their students! From Ms. Horner to Mr Harris and Mr Coates-Reid. So it was not surprising when my child's second day there, he was recognized and greeted by his name with an amazing level of warmth. This for sure fosters a positive school environment where every child and their parent feel like a part of big, happy family. Also, the level of communication between the school's leadership to parents is very impressive. It's always very prompt and professional. I haven't had the chance to see how disciplinary issues are handled however I believe that whenever the case prevents itself, it will be handled as fairly and just as possible.

(5) Teaching

Teaching in RMS is definitely one of the reasons i decided to enrol my child there. As a parent with a very intelligent kid way above his age, I wanted a school that would continue to challenge him rather than make him feel like he knew it all and the curriculum and subjects taught upon review was exactly what was right for my child. The teachers are very much knowledgable about the subjects, communicate effectively and definitely provide the needed challenge and support my child needs in the classroom. I love that there is homework on some days of the week. My child always wants to get them done as soon as he gets home from school with very little or no help and that says a lot.

(5) Academics

As a parent who is very much particular about the quality of education my child gets, I can categorically say that the academic program of RMS is for sure at a very high level. I love how students in kindergarten are taught robotics, STEM, and french even at that level. The academic culture and atmosphere of the school is one that nurtures the students into very well-rounded and very well-groomed intellectuals. I am confident that my child will definitely be able to thrive at a higher level than most of his peers as a result of the curriculum and soft skills that his time at RMS will provide him. RMS' academic program will adequately prepare my child for life"s next steps.

(5) Extracurriculars

I would say that there are a vast number of extracurricular opportunities offered at RMS for competitive and for fun purposes for my child. These activities are very well thought out and very much appropriate and provides the right context for developmental purposes for students. The options are not limited and there is an activity for just about every child based on their individual interests.

(5) Students

The student body is very impressive. I particularly love how the senior kids are involved in helping out the younger kids e.g. helping them out of their parents cars and escorting them to their respective classes as well as overseeing the pick ups of younger students at the end of school day. The atmosphere of the student body is one of confidence, leadership, mentorship and looking out for one another all in a very respectful manner. You can see the spirit of oneness, genuine positive interaction, empathy and respect of each other's personal space among the students while they carry themselves with a level of self-confidence and self-worth that is worth applauding and emulating. Kudos to RMS for making sure all students embodies this culture at all grades.

(5) School Life

Quality of school life is definitely a 10. My child wakes up early each morning all excited to go to school. He wears his uniform with pride and chants the name of his school while dressing up! For a child who naturally loves to learn and make friends, having a school that provides these two opportunities for him is gift. RMS can improve the quality of life of its students by keeping up the culture of making the school environment a warm, friendly and welcoming place for students to come to every day. For prospective parents - RMS sees your child. This is for parents like me who wants that "personal" connection with their kids. Students are not a bunch of faces the leadership and staff have to deal with everyday. The kids matter to the school and are genuinely looked out for.

(5) Community

From what I have seen, the parent community seem to be a vibrant one as there are alot of activities that fosters parent inclusivity. Parents are encouraged to participate and ask questions, request for feedbacks, make enquiries and generally be a part of the life of the school. Parents are definitely involved and encouraged to be involved. Activities like parents volunteering on the students field trip in my opinion is a fantastic idea for those that can participate. It gives parent and child the opportunity to build memories together even in school. Also movie nights for parents helps to build and foster some sort of relationship between parents. Provision of more opportunities for parent(s) participation is definitely a great idea as it will help strengthen that spirit of community in the RMS.

(5) School Location

I love how the school is very much easily accessible and not just standing alone in a secluded part of town. I also love that although it is right in a residential area, it still has it's own private and secure playground for the kids to play without having to go outside the school premises for safety reasons most importantly.


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