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Grades Gr. 7 TO Gr. 12 — Scarborough, ON (MAP)

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  • Grades
    Gr. 7 — Gr. 12
  • Gender
  • Class Size
    10 — 15 students
  • Tuition
    $22,800 to 44,800/year
  • Language of instruction
  • Associations
  • Enrolment
    110 boarding students, 200 day students
  • Curriculum
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School address

  • 4620 Finch Ave East, Scarborough, Ontario, M1S 4G2 (MAP)
  • Busing available (View details)

School Busing:

Royal Crown offers bus transferring. Service options offered are airport pick-up, regular rider.

Our Perspective

How we see Royal Crown School

Our Kids Feature Review

  • The values of individualism, non-conformity, risk-taking, and curiosity animate the whole community and are cultivated by school leadership.
  • The school provides an accepting, family-like environment, one where previously disengaged students thrive.
  • The academic program prepares students for university.

The 50-page review of Royal Crown School is part of our series of in-depth accounts of Canada's leading private schools. It provides a unique and objective perspective on the school's academics, programs, culture, and community.

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Key insights from our research

  • You have these high achievers, whether they’re elite athletes or they want to get into top-notch universities with high grades, so they plow through the material with passion. But at the core of their being is doing things differently. It’s the spirit of adventure and risk-taking that bonds us together.
    —From Interview with Royal Crown School Head of School: Michael Burke.
  • What I appreciate most is the individual attention given to each student, thanks to the smaller class sizes. Teachers have been really helpful to my daughter, they were able to present the content of the class in a way that’s easy for her to keep up and to succeed. She is very excited to be able to follow her passions in both academics and in elite basketball.
    —From Interview with Royal Crown School parent: Maria Sarri.
  • I think I was just able to learn so much because I felt that teachers are so much more passionate than what I experienced in public school. They created really exciting classroom environments. And there was definitely a focus on building the right path for yourself in terms of what you want to achieve.
    —From Interview with Royal Crown School alum: Kourosh Sheidaei.
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Profile of Michael Burke, Head of School of Royal Crown School

What attracted Burke most to Royal Crown School was the diversity of the student body. The mixture of international and domestic students as well as elite athletes was an interesting mix to Burke.

School's Perspective

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How Royal Crown School sees itself

The school administration answered our questions

Who are you, as a school?

"Royal Crown School's purpose is to unleash the potential in each student and set them on a path for a successful life. On our modern campus, we provide rigorous, progressive academics with individual attention and small class sizes to ensure success for all our students. Our Nike sponsored basketball program sends graduates to NCAA schools and even the NBA. Our diverse school community, with students from over 20 countries, provides an energizing, caring environment, which opens minds and doors to the world."

  • Rigorous progressive academics
  • Small class sizes (10-15 students in each class)
  • Individual attention and care from teachers and guidance counselors to guarantee academic success
  • Best-in-class elite & developmental basketball programs led by renowned coaches
  • Diverse student body with international students from all over the world and elite student athletes
  • Co-Curricular programs and clubs
  • Boarding facilities for international students
  • Modern campus with swimming pool and full-service cafeteria
  • 100% post secondary education placement
  • Scholarships and Financial aid available

What do you do differently and uniquely well?

"1. Individual Attention & Care to ensure Academic Success: Small class sizes, free tutoring. extra guidance staff. 2. Elite Basketball Program: Coaches with college, national & professional experience, fully integrated schedule allowing for daily training while prioritizing academics, development approach, graduates in NCAA, NBA and Canada National teams. 3. Diverse Student Body: Students come from many countries, learning about different cultures, caring community where everyone belongs."

To your knowledge, why do families choose your school over others?

"Royal Crown School's mission is to unleash student potential through a series of uniqueness (small class sizes - 10/15 students per class, personalized individual attention with extra guidance support) and activities (Elite Basketball Program, After-class C.A.S.E. activities - Creativity, Activity, Service and Enrichment: visual arts, movie, newspaper, cooking, music...). The objective is to enable students to learn and demonstrate leadership skills that empower themselves for success."

What aspect of your school is underappreciated?

"Families will experience diversity and inclusion as 50% of of our students are coming from Canada and 50% from international countries. This is a huge opportunity to learn new cultures, new habits between each other, and to make friends forever."

What might families find surprising about your school?

"Families will discover how Royal Crown School is integrated in various aspects: all facilities (classrooms, gym, cafeteria, swimming pool) under one roof, Academics and Athletics students attend the same classes, the Elite Basketball Program includes a strong academic component in the basketball program."

Summer camps and programs

Royal Crown School operates summer camps and programs. Click here to learn about .

School Facilities

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Athletics facilities

Arts facilities




Science facilities

Instructional resources

Shared spaces

School Videos

Insider Perspectives

How people from the school’s community see Royal Crown School

Video reviews of Royal Crown School

Alum, Jahari Williamson (2023)

Gr. 12 — Watch our alum interview with Jahari Williamson to learn about the unique experience of attending Royal Crown School

Alum, Ziqi Liu (2022)

Watch our alum interview with Ziqi Liu to learn about the unique experience of attending Royal Crown School.

Parent, Maria Sarri (2022)

Watch our parent interview with Maria Sarri to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to have a child attend Royal Crown School.
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Written reviews of Royal Crown School


Student, Lloyd Qian (2024)

Gr. 11 (current) — At Royal Crown School, I think that the teachers are very serious about teaching and I have always b...


Parent, Zhifeng An (2024)

Gr. 12 — Our child has had a wonderful journey at Royal Crown School. One of the things they appreciate the m...


Alumnus, Alan Lan (2024)

Gr. 12 — One of the most memorable aspects of my time at Royal Crown School was the commendable behaviour of ...
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School leadership

Top-down influence on the school’s direction and tone

Interview with school leader

Watch our Royal Crown School leadership interview with Michael Burke to learn about the academics, culture, and values of the school.
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Message from school leadership

Michael Burke, Mr.

Royal Crown School is a very special place. I love seeing our students every day and working to provide them with the best possible experience. Our teachers and staff all believe strongly that every young person has powerful potential and in the right environment, they will thrive. We are all dedicated to creating this energizing environment and unleashing the potential in each student to set them on a path to a successful life.

Here at our school, we take extra care of our students and ensure each and every one is given individual attention and guidance to achieve academic success.  We welcome students from all over the world. Our diversity enriches our community and prepares our students to engage the world.

We are a fairly new school, founded in 2005, and we pride ourselves on being agile and innovative. A few years back we started an elite developmental basketball program which has garnered national attention and already sent several graduates to NCAA division 1 schools in the United States, Canadian National teams and even to the NBA.

We are delighted that you are interested in learning more about Royal Crown School. We invite you to drop by our campus, reach out to our admissions team and attend one of our open houses. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing more about what makes our school extra ordinary and maybe the right fit for your child.


Michael Burke

Head of School

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