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REVIEW OF Royal Crown School BY student, Ziqi Liu

  • Date of Review
    January 23, 2023
  • Grades
    Gr. 11 - Gr. 12 (current)
  • Gender
  • Enrollment
    Day Student

(5) Student Experience

Royal Crown School is a beautiful place with high-quality constructions, teaching systems, and meals. I have to admit that I really enjoyed my time there since the school gave me a feeling of acceptance and being included. The school has its own swimming pool, basketball area, and many other exciting constructions waiting for you to explore. The teachers and staff of the school are kind and patient. Team members care about the students, help them to overcome difficulties, and achieve students learning goals in the end. When you have some questions, do not hesitate to ask cause you are always welcome. Worried about what you're gonna have for lunchtime? School also has a wonderful cooking team, which means you could grab your fancy lunch at school. The cooking team would always give you surprises since you could get so many different kinds of delicious food here.

(5) School Leadership

I like the school leaders so I do respect them from the bottom of my heart. I respect people when they respect me, which means leaders of the school respect students at the same time. In school, you would notice that none of the school leaders would make students feel uncomfortable or scared because all of them are wonderful. When you meet with teachers in school, they would always nod their heads or smile at you, which makes the environment inclusive. You would notice that school leaders not only care about your education but also care about your health at the same time.

(5) Teaching

Do teachers ask too much of us? In my opinion, the teachers ask perfectly enough to make you feel comfortable. The questions being asked could help the students understand the course deeply and totally. There would not be any super difficult or crazy questions to be asked. In the class, the teachers would clearly tell you what they expected of you from your work or resonances. When you could answer/resonance the questions based on the rubric from one side to one side, that is called success and teachers would be proud of your work for sure. When you have more questions that want to ask, it is also a way for your teachers to be proud of you. They would think you understand the materials more deeply and really want to know more about the world.

(5) Academics

The work of the school is just right and you can benefit from it later in life. During the academic year, you would feel that your life is so colorful and wonderful. The science courses of the school have labs and some of the courses, like photography, could have a lovely trip to go outside. If you love science and nature, it is a wonderful chance to be involved. Meanwhile, you could learn how to write a perfect essay, and lab reports, and how to fix questions by yourself, which could be used when you attend the university or college. When you do the school staff, you could also get the point about how to manage the time and get prepared for school in the future.

(5) Extracurriculars

I did not take any clubs or teams during my high school time since I am super shy and do not want to be involved in public. However, the school does offer a lot of activities. For instance, the school has cheerleading, a basketball team, an art club, etc. Students could totally be involved in different groups if they want.

(5) Students

The community of students in Royal Crown School feels like everyone is living in a town instead of being in a big city with strangers, where people know about each other and care about each other. Most of the students are friendly and lovely, just like our own family members. I mean it is obvious that people with good personalities are more welcome than people with aggressive personalities. But all the students are welcome. Students in the school have big hearts and care about others and love each other, instead of ignoring or bullying. Every student is involved and feels included. Students care about each other and try to be friends with everyone. Nobody would feel lonely in school.

(5) School Life

If I was asked to give a tour of the school, I think I would want to take them first to the lab classroom, because I am a big fan of science. In this lab, students could use science to create 'magic'. In chemistry classes, you could find out some wonderful and beautiful chemical reactions happening in front of you. In physics classes, you could build up a small car in your group yourselves, even though you never tried before. In biology courses, you could find the organization of the cells and organs of our bodies. The lab has enough high-quality experimental staff and everyone taking the courses has a chance to attend the lab and enjoy its procedure of it during the school year.

(5) Community

The school feels like home to me. As an international student who left my parents and old friends, the school is really like a home for me. People in school are nice and full of patience with me, which makes me feel so comfortable and loved. I enjoyed time with my friends and talking with them made me feel that I really belonged with them, and also with the school. Everyone in school is so polite, when you go to school, they say hi to everyone and really let me have a lovely day. I really LOVE being a part of the school family and enjoyed my time there for high school.

(5) School Location

I would go off campus some days and stay on campus other days. The school is located in a perfect place, near the bus station and plazas. The bus station is just right beside the school, it is convenient for students who take buses every day. There are two plazas near the school, so students could find many delicious restaurants without going too far.

(5) Admissions

The admissions process is clear and proper. Based on my own experience, the application process was easy. I took grade 10 in a different country and transferred to Royal Crown School in grade 11 and finished high school here. The submission of my application was easy and quick. If my memory is correct, I needed my grades from grade 10 and some other necessary paperwork. It was pretty easy to organize the application procedure, I would not feel bothered. When I tried to apply, I was so worried that the school would not admit me, but the good news was they really got me involved in the end. I was so excited and really glad that I could be one of the students of Royal Crown School.


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