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REVIEW OF Royal Crown School BY student, Favour Nkemka

  • Date of Review
    October 18, 2023
  • Grades
    Gr. 9 - Gr. 10 (current)
  • Gender
  • Enrollment
    Day Student

(4.5) Student Experience

I greatly enjoy going to Royal Crown. I love being here, the environment, the people, the basketball programs all make it worthwhile. If there was anything I could change about the school, it would be to have longer breaks and the food selection. Not saying there’s anything wrong with the school food but some days the food isn’t the best, also I think we should have longer breaks because they feel way too short and we need to recollect mentally and physically. One thing I wish I would’ve known before coming here was that we couldn’t wear any hoodies or headwear and etc. Along with that I didn’t know we had to wear blazers every Monday and that we don’t really get to dress out of our uniforms during school. One thing I would change is the headwear and hoodies.

(4) School Leadership

Yeah, I definitely respect all of them. They all do a good job of keeping the school in control, they keep you motivated and they talk to us and joke with us from time to time. The teachers do a good job of guiding us through our work, the principals do a good job of communicating and doing their jobs in general. I wish they would help out a little more with work and explaining a little more for people who are falling behind.

(4) Teaching

In my experience, my teachers ask just enough of me. They set clear expectations for our coursework, which helps me understand what's required. This clarity enables me to focus my efforts effectively. When they discuss success, it seems to revolve around the idea of realizing our full potential and achieving personal goals. This broader perspective on success encourages students to explore their capabilities and pursue their aspirations. It's a motivating factor in the educational journey, pushing us to be the best versions of ourselves. Overall, this combination of clear guidance and the aspiration to reach one's full potential is great. I don’t always know what the teachers' expectations are of me but I know that I just try my best and hope it’s enough for them.

(4.5) Academics

I think the work is just right. It challenges me without overwhelming me. And yes, I believe what I'm learning will be useful in life. It helps me grow and develop new skills. The complexity of the work at Crown seems balanced. It's neither too easy nor overwhelmingly difficult. The coursework aligns well with my abilities, providing a suitable level of challenge that keeps me engaged. I think some of this I learned in school with be used later on in life, not the work aspect but the life lessons. The lessons we learn from school like life isn’t fair, or that we have to work hard in everything we do or else we’ll fall behind are all true and we can apply all of that in our lives someway somehow.

(4.5) Extracurriculars

I take part in volleyball on Wednesdays for my after-school activity and I play on the Royal Crown basketball junior team as well. I wish the school offered track or football, maybe even soccer, that would be some fun things to do on the side. I don’t really think everyone has something they want to do because the options are kind of limited.

(4.5) Students

I would describe the students at Royal Crown as very welcoming and nice. The student body represents a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and talents, creating a dynamic atmosphere. Those who excel at the school are often self-motivated, eager to explore opportunities, and possess strong time-management skills. They thrive in the collaborative and academically challenging environment. Some students may find the pace and expectations challenging, especially if they're not as self-directed. However, support systems are in place to help those who may initially struggle. Efforts are made to ensure inclusivity, but it's an ongoing process. While many feel included, there can be instances of students who may not fully feel part of the community, and addressing this is a priority for the school's administration and faculty.

(3.5) School Life

For a school tour, I would start by taking visitors to the heart of the campus, the gym. This area is not only visually appealing to some but for me I consider that my home and I love that place, it also serves as a hub for students and faculty to gather, creating a sense of community. The central courtyard often hosts events, club activities, and casual interactions among students. It's a prime location to convey the school's atmosphere and values, emphasizing community and a well-rounded educational experience. From there, I would guide the tour to key locations like the library, classrooms, and laboratories, providing a comprehensive overview of the school's facilities and the academic resources available. Starting with the central courtyard sets a positive tone for the tour, highlighting the school's focus on fostering connections and a holistic learning environment.

(4) Community

The school doesn't feel like home in the traditional sense, but it does evoke a sense of comfort and belonging. It's a place where I spend a significant portion of my time, surrounded by friends, mentors, and engaging activities. The familiar routines and supportive community create a sense of attachment. In terms of inclusivity and appreciation, the school strives to ensure that everyone feels valued and accepted, but it may not be a universal experience. Efforts are made to foster an inclusive environment, but students' individual feelings can vary. Some may feel more included and appreciated than others, depending on their personal experiences and interactions. The school works continuously to promote an inclusive culture, and ongoing dialogue and initiatives help address any issues related to inclusivity and appreciation.

(4.5) School Location

I go off campus at lunchtime. I’d typically go out to the plaza near our school or after practice. I would sometimes go to the gas station for a little snack if I had the money. The majority of the students stay on campus and just relax in the classrooms or the student lounge or talk around the lobby.

(4) Admissions

The admissions process can be a mix of excitement and stress. To apply for admission, I had to complete an application form, submit transcripts, write an essay, and provide letters of recommendation. The school's website had detailed instructions, making the process manageable. My advice for applicants is to start early, maintain a strong academic record, and craft a compelling personal essay that showcases your interests and goals. Reach out to teachers for recommendations well in advance. My own experience was a bit stressful due to the competitive nature of admissions, but it was also exciting as it marked the beginning of a new academic journey. What I know now that I didn't then is that while getting into a school is significant, the real value lies in making the most of the opportunities once you're in – it's about growth, experiences, and connections.


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