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REVIEW OF Royal Crown School BY student, Quincy Bernard

  • Date of Review
    October 23, 2023
  • Grades
    Gr. 10 (current)
  • Gender
  • Enrollment
    Day Student

(4) Student Experience

Here's a bit more about Royal Crown School. I absolutely love it! The school feels like a second home to me. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, thanks to the diverse and energetic student body. The teachers and classmates are incredibly supportive, which makes the experience even better. If I could change one thing, I would add a coding club or a photography club. It would be fantastic to have more opportunities to explore my interests and connect with like-minded students. Overall, I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of such an amazing school community. It's a place that promotes inclusivity and appreciation and continuously strives to ensure that every student feels included and appreciated that is what I love about Royal Crown Academy. 🏫💙😊

(4) School Leadership

I think they communicate very well what the school's about and how everything works, they are very welcoming and I like how they would make extra classes so you can boost your mark and keep it as an honour roll. I wish that they would have more teachers to help with math because I see that a lot of people have problems with math. I wish they would make more hands-on assignments and more trips to go on and get real-world experiences.

(4) Teaching

I feel like sometimes it gets overwhelming as a basketball player because you have to manage classes and also be able to perform on the court but that just comes when you go to a high-end school! Sometimes it can feel like teachers ask a lot from us, but it's also important to remember that they have high expectations because they believe in our potential. It's all about finding a balance. As for knowing what teachers expect, communication is key. If you ever feel unsure, don't hesitate to ask for clarification. When teachers talk about success, they envision us reaching our full potential, achieving our goals, and growing both academically and personally. It's about pushing ourselves, taking on challenges, and feeling proud of our accomplishments. Success can mean different things to different people, so it's important to define it for ourselves too. Ultimately, it's about feeling fulfilled and satisfied with our efforts and achievements. Keep up the great work!

(3.5) Academics

I think the work is just right. It all depends on what you want to pursue when you're older. I would say the work is mostly just right. Sometimes it can be challenging, but it helps me grow and learn. As for the usefulness of what I'm learning, I believe it will be beneficial in the future. It provides a foundation of knowledge and skills that can be applied to various aspects of life. Whether it's problem-solving, critical thinking, or communication skills, these are all valuable in navigating the real world. Even if I don't use every specific topic in my future career, the process of learning and adapting to new information is a skill that will always be relevant. So, yes, I do think what I'm learning will be useful to me later in life

(4) Extracurriculars

I feel like everyone is very busy during school because the school does a great job of making sure everyone is in line and on track to success. Yeah, I'm involved in a few extracurriculars! I'm part of the art club and also play on the school soccer team. It's a lot of fun and helps me meet new people. As for clubs or activities, I wish the school offered, I think it would be cool to have a coding club or a photography club. It's always great to have more options for students to explore their interests. In terms of everyone having enough to do, it really depends on the individual. Some people might feel overwhelmed with their current commitments, while others might want more opportunities. It's important for schools to provide a variety of activities and support students in finding a balance that works for them

(3.5) Students

When you walk into our school, you'll find a vibrant mix of students from all walks of life. It's like a bustling town, with a sense of community and connection. The students who thrive here are the ones who are driven, curious, and eager to get involved. They embrace challenges and seize opportunities to learn and grow. On the flip side, some students may find it a bit challenging if they struggle with time management or adapting to new situations. However, with support and encouragement, everyone has the potential to succeed. Our school is committed to fostering inclusivity, making sure that everyone feels welcomed and accepted. We celebrate our differences and create a space where everyone can shine because I want the best for all my Classmates ! 🌟🎒👏

(3.5) School Life

The second floor with all the art and paintings with a lot of colours--I feel that it represents the school amazingly because it brings out the unity of the whole school. If I were asked to give a tour of our school to a group of visitors, the first place I would take them is the main courtyard. It's like the beating heart of our school, always filled with students chatting, laughing, and enjoying their free time. The courtyard is surrounded by different buildings, giving visitors a glimpse of the diverse areas of our school. It's a hub of activity, where you can see students playing sports, studying, or simply hanging out with friends. The front of the school truly captures the vibrant and inclusive atmosphere that our school is known for. It's the perfect starting point for the tour, setting the tone and excitement for what's to come. 🌟🏫✨

(3.5) Community

Our school truly feels like a second home to me. The classrooms, hallways, and even the soccer field are filled with positive energy and a sense of belonging. The art club allows me to express my creativity and connect with other passionate artists while playing on the school soccer team gives me a chance to bond with teammates and showcase my skills. However, I do wish our school offered a coding club or a photography club. Learning coding could open up exciting opportunities in the digital world, and a photography club would allow us to capture and share our unique perspectives. Despite this, our school is diverse and full of enthusiastic students who make every day an adventure. I truly believe that what I'm learning here will be valuable in shaping my future. It's a place where I feel included, appreciated, and excited to learn and grow! 🏫💙🎨⚽️

(3.5) School Location

While we primarily stay on campus during the day, there are definitely times when we venture off-campus for various reasons. For instance, our school organizes educational field trips to places like museums, historical sites, and even local businesses. These trips provide us with hands-on learning experiences and a chance to explore the world beyond the classroom. Additionally, during lunch breaks or after school, students often take the opportunity to visit nearby cafes, parks, or shops to unwind and socialize with friends. It's a great way to break the routine and discover new places in our community. So, while our campus is our main hub, we do get to venture out and make the most of what our surroundings have to offer! 🚌🌳🍔

(3.5) Admissions

The admissions process can be a mix of emotions! When I applied, it was a bit stressful but also exciting. My advice would be to start early, stay organized, and showcase your unique qualities and passions in your application. Take the time to reflect on your experiences and achievements, and don't be afraid to highlight what sets you apart. It's also helpful to reach out to current students or alumni for insights and guidance. Looking back, I realize that the process taught me a lot about myself and allowed me to discover new interests and opportunities. Remember, the admissions team wants to get to know the real you, so be authentic and let your personality shine through. Good luck, and remember to enjoy the journey! 🎓✨📝


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