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REVIEW OF Royal Crown School BY student, Austin Goode

  • Date of Review
    October 23, 2023
  • Grades
    Gr. 11 - Gr. 12 (current)
  • Gender
  • Enrollment
    Day Student

(3.5) Student Experience

Royal Crown Academic School is a great school, with a great basketball program and high-level academics. For the time I’ve been here I’ve had a good time. Royal Crown is a supportive environment with welcoming and loving students and teachers. If there’s one thing I wish I had known before coming here it’d be how heavy the school workload is. Managing the heavy school workload and the intense basketball schedule gets challenging at times. That was a challenge that I had to overcome in my first year here, but as time went on I got better at managing my time. If there was one thing I’d change about the school it’d be the food they give us students who are on meal plans.

(4) School Leadership

I respect all the teachers, guidance counsellors, and headmasters. They are all extremely supportive and understanding. There have been many times when I was struggling to understand certain work and my teachers would sit down with me individually and give me the extra help that I needed to get a better understanding of the material we were learning. The guidance counsellors are great at Royal Crown. They are kind and understanding. If you're falling behind in school teachers will ensure that you get extra study time until you're caught up.

(4) Teaching

I think my teachers expect a lot from me, but sometimes it's hard to know exactly what they want. I try my best to understand their expectations, but there are times when I feel a bit unsure. When they talk about success, I believe they imagine it as achieving our goals, growing as individuals, and making a positive impact. They want us to reach our full potential and be proud of our accomplishments. It's important to have open communication with teachers to clarify expectations and work toward success together. Sure! When it comes to teachers' expectations, I sometimes feel like they want us to excel in our studies, participate actively in class, and complete assignments on time. However, it could be challenging to fully grasp what they’re asking for.

(4) Academics

I feel like the work can be a mix of easy and challenging. Some assignments are just right, while others can be a bit overwhelming. As for the usefulness of what I'm learning, I believe it will be beneficial in the long run. Even if I don't use every specific detail in my future, the skills I'm developing, like critical thinking and problem-solving, will definitely come in handy. Learning helps us grow and prepares us for various opportunities and challenges that may arise in life. It's all about building a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that can be applied in different situations. Sometimes the work feels too easy and I breeze through it, but other times it can be really challenging and I have to put in extra effort. As for the usefulness of what we're learning, I believe it will definitely come in handy later in life.

(4) Extracurriculars

Yeah, I'm involved in a few extracurriculars! I love being part of clubs and teams because they provide a great opportunity to pursue my interests and meet new people. As for clubs or activities that I wish the school offered, I think it would be cool to have a photography club or a debate team. It's always fun to explore new hobbies and develop new skills. As for everyone having enough to do, I think it varies. Some people may feel overwhelmed with their commitments, while others might be looking for more opportunities. It's important for schools to provide a range of activities and ensure that students have the chance to pursue their passions and interests.

(4) Students

The students at our school are pretty diverse and talented! It feels more like a city school with a mix of different personalities and interests. The students who do best here are the ones who are motivated, hardworking, and open to trying new things. They're the ones who actively participate in clubs, sports, and other activities. However, there are also students who may struggle a bit. It could be due to various reasons, like difficulty adjusting to the workload or feeling overwhelmed with extracurricular commitments. While our school strives to create an inclusive environment, not everyone may feel included all the time. It's important for us to be supportive and inclusive, making sure everyone feels valued and included. Students at royal crown are extremely great.

(4) School Life

If I were giving a tour to visitors, I would take them to our amazing library first! It's a hub of knowledge and a great representation of the learning environment at our school. Plus, it's a quiet and cozy space where students can study and explore different books. It's a great starting point to showcase the academic side of our school and highlight the importance of education. When giving a tour to visitors, the first stop would definitely be our incredible library. It's like a treasure trove of knowledge and a perfect reflection of the vibrant learning atmosphere at our school. The library is not just a place to study, but also a cozy sanctuary where students can immerse themselves in books, explore various subjects, and foster their love for reading. It sets the tone for the academic excellence that our school strives for and showcases the importance of education in our community. It's a must-visit spot that truly captures the essence of our school!

(4) Community

For me, the school definitely feels like a home away from home! I've built such strong connections with my fellow students and teachers, and I've made so many amazing memories here. It's a place where I feel comfortable, supported, and inspired to learn and grow. As for everyone feeling included and appreciated, our school strives to create an inclusive environment where everyone is valued and celebrated for their unique qualities. Of course, it's a continuous effort from all of us to make sure that everyone feels included and appreciated. Acts of kindness, empathy, and understanding go a long way in fostering a sense of belonging and making everyone feel valued. Together, we can create a warm and welcoming community at our school. The school community is great

(4) School Location

We do have some opportunities to go off campus for field trips or special events, but for the most part, students tend to stay on campus throughout the day. Our school provides a wide range of facilities and resources to keep us engaged and active right here on campus. From classrooms and labs to the library and sports facilities, there's always something happening within the school grounds. However, when we do get the chance to venture off campus, it's always exciting and adds a different dimension to our learning experience.

(4) Admissions

The admissions process was a mix of excitement and nerves for me. I remember feeling a bit stressed about meeting the requirements and standing out among other applicants. My advice would be to start early, gather all the necessary documents, and take your time with the application. It's important to showcase your strengths, passions, and achievements. Don't be afraid to highlight what makes you unique. Looking back, I now realize that it's not just about grades and accomplishments, but also about showing your personality and potential. Take the opportunity to express your goals and aspirations. And remember, it's okay to ask for help or guidance if needed. Good luck with your application. The admissions process was a whirlwind of emotions for me. I vividly recall feeling a mix of excitement, nerves, and a hint of stress.


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