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REVIEW OF Royal Crown School BY student, Isaiah Spencer

  • Date of Review
    October 19, 2023
  • Grades
    Gr. 12 (current)
  • Gender
  • Enrollment
    Day Student

(5) Student Experience

I'm a student at Royal Crown School, and I find it quite enjoyable. The teachers are incredibly supportive, and the curriculum, while challenging, is also very fulfilling. The school community is fantastic; I've formed strong friendships, and there's a wide range of interesting extracurricular activities to take part in. However, if I could make one change to the school, it would be to provide more study spaces for students. It can sometimes be a challenge to locate a quiet area for focused study, especially during exam periods. I believe that additional study areas would greatly benefit the student body. In retrospect, I wish I had been aware of the school's strong emphasis on group projects before I arrived. Although it's an excellent way to promote teamwork, better preparation for collaborative coursework would have been appreciated. Despite these minor concerns, I value the structure and the coaching offered by the school, which have played a crucial role in my educational journey at Royal Crown School. The genuine care and support from the teachers significantly enhance my overall experience here."

(5) School Leadership

I have a high level of respect for our school leaders, which includes the headmaster, guidance counsellors, and teachers. They excel in various aspects, such as maintaining a positive school culture, offering guidance in academics and careers, and serving as a source of inspiration for students. One area where I see room for improvement is in providing more individualized support for students with diverse needs. A more tailored approach that considers each student's strengths and weaknesses would be greatly beneficial. Moreover, enhanced communication and collaboration among these essential figures, teachers, and students would contribute to a more unified and supportive learning environment. In summary, while there's always potential for growth, I am grateful for the dedication and hard work of our school leaders, teachers, and counsellors in helping us succeed both academically and personally.

(5) Teaching

For improved understanding and communication as well as so that the teachers can correct the international students, I believe they should hire more qualified educators who can speak English well. Because it teaches us about history and culture, I believe teaching about royal crowns is beneficial. It feels like entering a fantastic tale! We can discover the customs and symbols that are significant to many royal families. In addition, the elaborate patterns and gems on the crowns are interesting. On your head, it's like wearing a work of art! Studying royal crowns, which also stand for authority and power, can help us understand how earlier societies were organized. In the end, this is a wonderful location and a great environment to be in for yourself and others.

(5) Academics

In my experience, the level of difficulty in the coursework at my school is quite dynamic. Some subjects or classes are more challenging than others, but I generally feel that the mix is just right. This variety keeps my academic journey engaging and encourages me to continually learn and improve. It's also a great way to help students develop a well-rounded skill set. As for the usefulness of what I'm learning in the long run, I do believe it will be beneficial. While I may not directly apply every intricate detail from each subject in my future endeavors, the skills I'm cultivating, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication, are universally applicable and incredibly valuable. These skills will certainly serve me well in various aspects of life, both personally and professionally. Moreover, subjects like mathematics and language skills are fundamental and provide a strong knowledge base for future learning and career opportunities. Overall, I see my education as an investment in my future, equipping me with the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in whatever path I choose to follow.

(5) Extracurriculars

I'm actively involved in several extracurricular activities, including clubs and sports teams, which I find very fulfilling. These engagements allow me to pursue my interests beyond regular classes and provide opportunities to make new friends and acquire new skills. While my school does offer a diverse range of clubs and activities, I do have some wishes. For instance, I'd appreciate it if the school introduced more options related to environmental conservation or even a club dedicated to coding. These align with my personal passions and could benefit other students as well. In terms of whether everyone has enough to do, it's a bit of a mixed situation. Some students have packed schedules with multiple activities, whereas others have limited time due to academic demands or other commitments. The school strives to provide a variety of options, but it's ultimately up to each student to manage their time and select activities that fit their interests and availability. Not everyone can do everything they want, but the goal is to offer opportunities for personal growth and exploration.

(5) Students

To someone who hasn't visited our school, I would depict our students as a diverse and highly motivated community. We come from various backgrounds, each bringing unique talents and interests to our close-knit and collaborative environment. As for the school's atmosphere, it's somewhat of a blend. It offers the familiarity of a tight-knit town, where many of us are well-acquainted, fostering a strong sense of community. Simultaneously, it also exhibits aspects reminiscent of a city, with its diverse student body and an extensive range of extracurricular activities. Successful students here are typically characterized by their self-motivation, enthusiasm for learning, and active engagement in clubs and activities. They excel academically and make the most of the school's available resources. Conversely, students who may find the experience a bit more challenging are often those grappling with time management or adapting to the rigorous academic expectations. It's worth noting that every student's challenges can differ. Inclusivity is a fundamental value at our school, although it's crucial to recognize that not everyone may always experience complete inclusion. Variances in interests, backgrounds, or individual experiences can contribute to this. Our school strives to promote diversity and inclusivity by offering support systems and a variety of clubs and groups that cater to a broad spectrum of interests and identities, creating a welcoming and all-encompassing atmosphere for all students.

(5) School Life

If I were to guide visitors through our school, I would initiate the tour at the main entrance and the administrative building. There are specific reasons for this choice: To begin with, it's the natural arrival point for visitors, offering a warm and inviting first impression of our campus. The administrative building serves as an information center for our school. Here, visitors can familiarize themselves with our school's history, mission, and access contact details for our administrative staff. It's also where we can delve into our school's organizational structure and leadership. Moreover, it's an opportunity to emphasize our dedication to safety and security. We can explain the security measures in place and detail our emergency protocols, providing reassurance regarding the safety of our students and staff. The administrative building frequently houses crucial facilities, such as the main office, guidance counselor offices, and, in some cases, the principal's office. Knowing these locations is invaluable for students and parents, as it helps them understand where to seek assistance. Lastly, this location offers a panoramic view of our campus, offering an excellent starting point for introducing visitors to the layout of our school and providing an initial glimpse of the various facilities and areas we'll explore during the tour. Commencing the tour at the main entrance and the administrative building lays a strong foundation, offering visitors insights into our school's values, structure, and commitment to safety.

(5) Community

To me, my school does have a certain home-like quality. This feeling arises from the strong relationships I've built with classmates and teachers, the warm and welcoming atmosphere, and the sense of being part of a close-knit community. The familiar surroundings and the support network I've established contribute to this sense of comfort and belonging. When it comes to whether everyone experiences a feeling of inclusion and appreciation, it's a bit of a mixed picture. The school is committed to promoting inclusivity and appreciation, but it's a multifaceted and ongoing endeavor. The way each student feels can vary based on their unique interests, backgrounds, and personal experiences. While the school aims to create an environment where every individual's contributions are acknowledged and valued, complete inclusion may not always be attainable. Nevertheless, efforts are in place to ensure that every student's voice is heard and respected.

(5) School Location

In my school, it's typical for students to remain on campus throughout the school day. During regular class hours, we're expected to stay within the school premises, and the school has established policies and safety measures to ensure this. However, there are instances where we might leave campus, but always with the necessary permissions and supervision. This occurs during activities like field trips or specific extracurricular events. Additionally, students often have the option to briefly leave campus during lunch breaks, though many choose to stay within the school's designated areas during that time. The specific rules and opportunities for leaving campus can differ among schools, but in my experience, the majority of our school day is typically spent on campus.

(5) Admissions

I didn't personally experience the school admissions process, but speaking from a first-person perspective as a student: The admissions process can vary among schools, but it typically involves several fundamental steps. It starts with completing an application form, which typically includes providing personal details, academic records, standardized test scores, essays, and recommendation letters. Some schools may also require standardized tests like the SAT or ACT. Interviews might be a part of the process, and an application fee is usually involved. Keeping a close eye on application deadlines, which can differ from one school to another, is crucial. After the review process, the school will inform you of their decision. For those considering applying for admission, I would recommend the following: 1. Begin the process early to prevent last-minute rushes and to meet all deadlines. 2. Conduct thorough research into the school's values, programs, and specific requirements. 3. Focus on highlighting your strengths and why you are a suitable fit for the school. 4. Approach teachers or mentors who know you well for recommendation letters. 5. Pay close attention to proofreading to eliminate errors in your application materials. 6. Stay organized to manage deadlines and requirements efficiently. The application process can evoke a blend of excitement and stress. It's exciting due to the opportunity it represents for pursuing educational goals and taking a step toward the future. However, it can also be stressful, given the competition and the uncertainty surrounding the outcome. Reflecting on it, what I understand now that I didn't at the time is the significance of effective time management and organizational skills throughout the application process. I've also learned more about the art of presenting oneself effectively in application materials and interviews, emphasizing personal strengths and unique qualities.


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