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REVIEW OF Royal Crown School BY student, Lloyd Qian

  • Date of Review
    January 24, 2024
  • Grades
    Gr. 11 - Gr. 12 (current)
  • Gender
  • Enrollment
    Day Student

(5) Student Experience

At Royal Crown School, I think that the teachers are very serious about teaching and I have always been able to solve anything that I do not understand in class. My guidance counselor, Ms. Gloria, is very responsible for me and she guides me in my course selection and college applications. I talk to her when I have questions. My math and computer teacher Ms. Yankulova, was always available to answer all my questions, and if I had a question about a lesson, I would talk to her after class and she would give me an answer, so I got excellent grades in her classes. Also, there are a lot of events at school such as Halloween, proms, university lectures and tours. I think for students, Royal Crown School is a good choice.

(5) School Leadership

Principals and teachers play a pivotal role in schools and deserve to be honored for their contributions. Our principal interacts with students to create a positive learning environment. Guidance counselors provide students with the support necessary to help them cope with academic challenges and personal problems. Their expertise is vital in helping students apply to college. Teachers are at the forefront of education. They are committed to imparting knowledge, fostering our curiosity, and shaping each student's future while guiding students' personal growth and academic achievement. Schools can do more and invest more in extracurricular activities. These activities play an important role in the overall development of students and allow them to explore interests and talents beyond academics.

(5) Teaching

In my opinion, teachers' expectations of us are reasonable, neither too much nor not enough. The goals and expectations they set for us were usually clear and matched our abilities and potential. When teachers refer to success, I believe they envision us as well-rounded - not just in terms of academic achievement, but also in terms of the development of personal qualities and social competence. By constantly motivating us to go beyond the pursuit of grades, our teachers encourage us to develop critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork skills. They often emphasize that success is not only a reflection of test scores but also how we apply what we learn to real-life problem-solving and continuous learning. When teachers talk about success, I think they mean that we can become self-driven, lifelong learners with the ability to solve complex problems and positively impact the world around us. They want us to be able to find our place in the ever-changing world of the future and be able to adapt and thrive. Therefore, I feel that our teachers' expectations are designed to guide us to become better learners and more responsible citizens.

(5) Academics

I find the current academic work to be at just the right level of difficulty. Each task is carefully designed to be both challenging and to stimulate my ability to think deeply and solve problems. This moderate level of difficulty gives me a sense of fulfillment in overcoming challenges and motivates me to continually expand my knowledge boundaries and skill level. In addition, I am confident that what I have learned will prove its value in the future. Whether it is specialized knowledge or critical thinking and analytical skills, these are indispensable tools in a variety of career paths. For example, learning strategies for solving complex problems can help me effectively manage projects and resolve disputes in the future workplace. Teamwork and leadership development also provide me with the necessary social skills to build and maintain effective working relationships in an increasingly globalized work environment. All in all, I believe that these experiences and knowledge will serve as the cornerstone of my career, providing me with not only the strength to stand in the present but also a solid foundation for future success.

(5) Extracurriculars

I am actively involved in a variety of extracurricular activities, including clubs and sports teams. These activities not only enrich my school life, but also provide valuable opportunities to develop new skills and make lasting friendships. I have found that the school offers a wide variety of clubs, from art to robotics, that cater to a wide range of student interests. Additionally, I appreciate the school's practice of constantly soliciting student input for new club ideas. This inclusive approach ensures that there is a club for everyone. Personally, I am very happy with the school's club selection and have not felt the need to add more clubs. However, if students develop a new interest, I am sure the school would strongly support it. I have also noticed that our school strives to create a balanced environment where students can juggle academics with extracurricular activities. This balance is essential to ensure that we all have the opportunity to participate in activities we are passionate about without feeling overwhelmed. Overall, the support from the faculty and the infrastructure available greatly contributes to a fulfilling extracurricular experience for all students.

(5) Students

Our school is filled with a vibrant student body and is more like a small, close-knit town than a sprawling city. In this harmonious community, students from diverse backgrounds come together to pursue academic excellence and personal growth. The school offers a wide range of opportunities for intellectual exploration and leadership development and is particularly well-suited to self-motivated learners who thrive on collaboration and innovation. Students who excel here are often active participants in the school's rich extracurricular and academic programs. They are adaptable, resourceful, and eager to make positive contributions to the school community. Conversely, students who are not comfortable in a fast-paced and self-directed learning environment may struggle initially. However, through dedicated support systems and an inclusive culture that celebrates the uniqueness of each individual, each student is encouraged and empowered to find his or her niche and thrive. The spirit of inclusion is woven into the fabric of the school, ensuring that everyone not only feels included, but valued. A strong sense of belonging is felt throughout the campus and is a testament to the school's commitment to creating a caring and supportive atmosphere for all students.

(5) School Life

I would first take them to the basketball court. The basketball court is not only a symbol of the school's sportsmanship but also a source of campus vitality. There, we can see the players of the school basketball team are training, their energetic postures and focused expressions can best reflect the youthfulness and teamwork spirit of the students. The basketball court is the center of the school's sports culture. Through the players' precise shooting, tacit passes and strict training, visitors can intuitively feel the school's emphasis on students' physical and mental development. Sweat and laughter, competition and friendship coexist here, and they form the unique educational ecology of our school. In addition, the basketball court is also the venue for important school events, such as field day and school festival, and it has witnessed many important moments and joyful memories of the school. A visit to the basketball court not only enables visitors to learn about the school's physical education resources and facilities but also gives them a sense of the school's atmosphere as a vibrant and competitive community. Therefore, the basketball court is a perfect starting point for the tour route, which represents the enthusiasm and vigor in school life and is a proud part of our campus culture.

(5) Community

When I stepped into the campus, my sense of belonging increased day by day, as if I were in a second home. Every brick and tile here speaks of warmth and tolerance, and every corner is filled with an atmosphere of cooperation and respect. Teachers care for each student like a family member, not only imparting knowledge but also fostering self-confidence and a sense of responsibility. The school constantly promotes the concept of diversity and inclusion, encouraging every student to express themselves and find a sense of identity and belonging regardless of their background or interests. A variety of clubs and activities provide a platform for everyone to showcase their talents and an opportunity for everyone to participate and contribute. It is these elements that together build a harmonious community, a place where everyone feels respected and appreciated. In such an environment, learning is not only the accumulation of knowledge, but also the growth of character and emotion, and this, in turn, is the most valuable thing that home gives us!

(5) School Location

Located in the scenic Scarborough neighborhood, the school provides a learning environment that is both safe and convenient. Although students are dismissed from school at 3:30 p.m. each day, they often choose to stay on campus to participate in a variety of after-school programs. This is not only because the school offers a rich and diverse array of learning and athletic resources, but also because such an environment promotes social and academic interaction among students. In such a campus culture, students tend to use the time after school to strengthen their academic skills, either by attending after-school tutoring or doing self-study. The school also has a variety of sports facilities, such as basketball courts, soccer fields, and running tracks, which provide students with ample opportunities for physical activity, which not only helps them to maintain a healthy body but is also a good way to release the stress of studying. In addition, various club activities and workshops are often organized on campus to encourage students to develop their personal interests and strengths. Through these activities, students can enrich themselves and realize their potential while developing teamwork and leadership skills. Overall, although students have the opportunity to go out to the campus, the diversity of activities offered on campus is more than enough to satisfy their needs and make them more willing to spend every day on this vibrant and academic campus.

(5) Admissions

The admissions process, while intricate, is an enlightening journey. My advice to prospective applicants is to start early and approach each part of the process - whether it's a personal essay or a standardized test - strategically. Looking back on my experience, organization was key. I created a checklist and a timeline, which made it less stressful and surprisingly enjoyable. From gathering documents to writing my personal statement, I delved into each necessary step with a sense of purpose and creativity. It felt fulfilling to be able to articulate my experiences and aspirations. One of the lessons I learned during the application process was the importance of authenticity. At first, I was bent on impressing the admissions committee. However, I realized that showing my true interests and unique perspective was more impactful. My passion for my chosen profession flowed more naturally when I was honest, and that authenticity resonated with the admissions team. If I could apply again, I would tell my past self to believe in my story and let my true self shine through every aspect of my application.


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