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Grades JK TO Gr. 12 — Mississauga, ON (MAP)

Sherwood Heights School:

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  • Grades
    JK — Gr. 12
  • Gender
  • Class Size
    14 students
  • Tuition
    $13,400 to 17,990/year
  • Language of instruction
  • Associations
    AP, IPSF
  • Enrolment
    500 day students
  • Curriculum

School address

  • 3650 Platinum Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L5M 0Y7 (MAP)
  • 5870 Kennedy Road, Mississauga, Ontario, L4Z 4G6 (MAP)
  • Busing available (View details)

School Busing:

Sherwood Heights School offers bus transferring. Service options offered are regular rider, regular rider AM only, regular rider PM only.

The regions Sherwood Heights School offers busing from are:

  • Mississauga

Our Perspective

How we see Sherwood Heights School

Sherwood Heights intends to give students a strong foundation for further study, granted through a traditional, content-based academic program. Expectations are clear and explicit, including a demonstrable facility with the core curriculum and the development of watertight study habits. For many families that culture—one in which social currency is gained through academics—is a primary draw. Extra-curricular programs augment the core areas of instruction. The ideal student is one who is academically inclined, operating at the top of their peer group, and looking for an environment that prizes all of that.  

School's Perspective

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How Sherwood Heights School sees itself

The school administration answered our questions

Who are you, as a school?

"Sherwood Heights Schools are independent schools recognized for their qualified, dedicated and caring teachers; enriched and well-rounded curriculum; and supportive and nurturing school environments dedicated to fostering confidence, knowledge and excellence. The curriculum is based on formal textbooks and workbooks covering various elements of every subject, including language arts, mathematics, science and technology, history, geography, French, computers and business studies, physical education, music and art. The advanced computer and technology program, unique to Sherwood Heights School, teaches students to use technology with proficiency and confidence. Our two campuses include separate music areas, computer labs, resource centres/libraries, indoor gymnasiums and outdoor playgrounds. The various daily school clubs and sports activities are popular and involve the students in various learning experiences, which broaden their horizons. Several major educational events take place over the course of the school year, including academic competitions, fairs, tournaments, etc."

  • Emphasis on core subjects
  • Small class sizes
  • Personal attention and care
  • Enriched academic programme
  • Computer, business & technology studies
  • French at all levels
  • Indoor gymnasiums & outdoor playgrounds
  • Extracurricular clubs
  • Before- and after-school care
  • Transportation available

School Facilities

Photo-tour of facilities

Athletics facilities

Arts facilities



Science facilities

Instructional resources

Shared spaces

School leadership

Top-down influence on the school’s direction and tone

Message from school leadership

Message, Principal
M. Ed.

I am forever bursting with gratification over what our students and faculty are able to achieve. The multitude of accomplishments are varied and far-reaching, and make our school environment exciting, rewarding, engaging, and satisfying. We are relentlessly working towards one theme, and that is ‘Making It Happen’. Students ‘make it happen’ as they are fully engaged in a wonderful array of exhilarating events, clubs, competitions, tournaments, festivals, and fairs. Guided by their teachers, students are fully immersed in their pursuit to do their best and learn from their experiences. The children participate in a wide array of stimulating activities which include the Science Fairs, Math Competitions, Public Speaking Competitions, Music Festivals, Spelling Bees, Shows, Sports Tournaments, and much more. Also, the clubs are a big hit with the students and serve to broaden their horizons. From the Leadership Club to the Chess Champions Club, students stir in the hallways with anticipation and excitement. The activities are many and students from every section of the school participate in large numbers and with tremendous success. It is truly amazing. Thank you to our faculty who are an essential element in the ‘making it happen’ theme. Our teachers provide wise guidance as they nurture, support, and motivate our students. They have made a name for themselves as very special committed individuals with great qualities and stamina! As time races ahead, year after year, “Together, We Make It Happen!”

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