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Gain exclusive insight into life at St. Margaret's School from our carefully curated written reviews that deliver in-depth insider info from parents, alumni and students.

Our Perspective on St. Margaret's School

“It is something that belongs to the girls,” reads an editorial in the inaugural issue of the St. Margaret’s School Magazine, “their own particular property ... in which they can all share, and to which everyone may contribute.” That was in 1911, just a few years after the school was founded by three women who wanted to offer something, well, more—more support, better academics—and to allow girls to dream bigger dreams. While the editor was writing about the magazine—that’s what she’s referring to as the “property”—she could just as easily be writing about the school itself. Since the beginning, St. Margaret’s has been just that: a place where girls feel a sense of home, a place where they can share something of themselves and where their contributions are valued. While the school has grown over the years, including a move in 1970 to the current 22-acre property, that tradition has remained. St. Margaret’s was at the forefront of girls’ education when it was begun (in that first issue of the magazine there is a photograph of girls playing basketball, which would have been notable at the time) and it remains so today. It was the first all-girls STEM school in the country and a leader in that regard, as in 2019 when they hosted a STEM Leadership Conference, “Sustaining Our Future.” The campus is, frankly, gorgeous, sympathetic to the cultural and natural environment, and includes LEED certified facilities. Programs are challenging in all the right ways, inquiry-based, and instructors are keen to include lots of real-world experience, getting the learning out beyond the walls of the classroom. The accomplishments of the alumnae are a symbol of the strength of the school, and the list of notable graduates includes the full range of endeavour, from engineering, the sciences, to environmental activism and the arts.

Written reviews

Dive deeply into the real culture of St. Margaret's School with reviews we’ve structured to highlight only the most valuable insights and opinions submitted by parents, students, and alumni.

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Parent, Julie Akeroyd (2022)

K to Gr. 1 (current), K to Gr. 3 (current), Gr. 5 to Gr. 9 (current) — My daughters absolutely love the close, caring community at SMS. They enjoy small classes that ...

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Parent, Cheryl Major (2021)

St. Margaret's makes every day an amazing day for both of my daughters. My daughters have had a...

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Parent, Erin Solbakken (2018)

St. Margaret’s is amazing. The entire faculty goes above and beyond. Our daughter is nurture...

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Parent, Carol Burbee (2018)

The teaching staff always had time to support my child. Before school, during spare blocks and ...

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Parent, Anthony Lanni (2018)

The school has been an exceptionally welcoming environment for our family. Perhaps most import...

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Parent, Stephanie Neilson (2018)

All 3 of our daughters very much enjoy St. Margaret's School (SMS) and are very proud to be a p...

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Student, Victoria Lee (2018)

St. Margaret’s School is more of a home than simply a school. With small class sizes teachers...

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