Reviews of Stanstead College

Stanstead, QC  |  Grades 7 - 12  |  Shortlist


Topic: Community

Michael Peirce - Alumnus   (Mar 21, 2019)

Many of the alumni meet at annual reunions which take place around the world. It is a highlight each year for me to run into classmates who I haven’t seen, sometimes in years. To this day, I remain close to a number of my classmates. Parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers and coaches regularly and are often seen spectating at school games. Regular newsletters go out to parents. The school publishes a polished magazine several times a year to highlight what is happening at the school and celebrating student and faculty successes. The school hosts a number of social events encouraging parent and alumni participation. The Advancement department at the school does great job hosting both fundraising and friend raising activities. Although I graduated years ago, I still feel remarkably connected to my high school.

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Thomas Abbott - Alumnus   (Jul 11, 2019)

The community at Stanstead is it’s strongest aspect. I would argue that there is no community in the world that is as welcoming as the Stanstead College community. From the moment you step foot on campus, you immediately see that the staff and students are extremely caring and helpful. Even the campus layout is designed in a way that everybody is close to the center or "heart" of campus. As alumni, this strong sense of community has not changed at all. We are invited to Homecoming every year and frequently treated at Alumni events worldwide. The benefit of having such a supportive community is that each student feels like they are part of something bigger than themselves which allows them to achieve even the most ambitious goals. The Stanstead College community is a wonderfully supportive group of students, teacher, and staff that are happy and proud to see each student grow and succeed.

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Christina Durant - Alumnus   (Mar 21, 2019)

After I got engaged I brought my now-husband to the campus during one of our visits home. I'd brought him to see a few other places in my hometown and Stanstead felt like one of those important places. I think for a lot of people, after you leave it stays with you as more than just a place you went to school. It becomes a part of your story. I haven't kept in any significant contact with any other students, but I do occasionally touch base with some of my former-teachers. That being said, I do keep an eye on updates on facebook or through the alumni organization. Even though i'm no longer in contact with a lot of people, we still had a shared experience and it's nice to see how people are doing.

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