Reviews of Stanstead College

Stanstead, QC  |  Grades 7 - 12  |  Shortlist


Topic: Teaching

Michael Peirce - Alumnus   (Mar 21, 2019)

My teachers held impressive credentials but more importantly, worked hard to effectively communicate with their students. They serve not only as teachers. They coach sports, run clubs, serve as advisors to students and supervise in residence. Their dedication is impressive. The faculty teach in their areas of specialization and are encouraged to remain current through continued professional development. Teacher take great pride in the incredible assistance they provide their students, often ona one to one basis. That said, they set high but reasonable expectations on their students. While teachers get to know their students through all aspects of the school, the level of respect held by the students is impressive. Teachers dress somewhat formally while in class but change to athletic attire for sports and more casual wear at other times.

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Thomas Abbott - Alumnus   (Jul 11, 2019)

The teaching at Stanstead is excellent. With small class sizes, caring teachers, free tutoring, and helpful, hardworking classmates; there is nothing more a student could ask for. The teachers at Stanstead devote enormous amounts of time and effort to be sure each and every student is taken care of and understands the material they are learning. That being said, a prospective student should not consider Stanstead if they intend to breeze through classes. Students are always challenged to do their best. The teaching at Stanstead is most beneficial to those who are passionate about learning and willing to try their best in every class. The university preparation is also excellent. My university guidance councilor made sure I was on top of my essays and applications while my grade 12 teachers prepared me well for higher level learning.

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Christina Durant - Alumnus   (Mar 21, 2019)

Teachers were very involved in the academic success and well-being of their students. Small class sizes allowed for greater attention to individual students, and I can't think of one of my teachers who would not have been willing to offer extra assistance outside of regular class hours if it was needed. In addition, my understanding is that tutoring services were readily available when needed, and teachers would help you set up services and communicate with your tutor to help you achieve your best possible results. All of my instructors were knowledgeable, and fair--but also held their students to a high level of accountability which I feel left me well-prepared for higher education. The classroom setting was expected to be respectful, and efficient--but most teacher's also left room for fun and did their best to incorporate enjoyment into the learning process.

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