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REVIEW OF Stanstead College BY parent, Annie St-Georges

  • Date of Review
    May 04, 2022
  • Grades
    Gr. 9 - Gr. 12

(5) Student Experience

My 2 children attended Stanstead College for 4 years. They loved the class sizes being small, the networking with students from all over the world. The teachers are also involved in the athletic life and this is a plus as they get to know them from another perspective. The campus location is ideal as it is remote from big cities in a calm environment but yet it is possible for the students and they loved to go to town for snacks and some groceries. Being both athletes, they loved that they get to practice or play almost everyday. They loved the cafeteria as they got to know students from different grades at their table for lunch, people that they might know have spoken to otherwise. Table seatings change every semester so you get to know many students

(5) School Leadership

I have always been satisfied with the way Stanstead College administration and direction addressed problems. In all the time that my children attended, there were not many problematic situations but every time, things have been handled with professionalism and respect. When the pandemic came, they started weekly zoom meetings with the parents to inform us about the situation in College and in the province of Quebec so us parents were reassured, since our kids could not come home. Those meetings are still going on every 2 weeks

(5) Teaching

Both my children were successful students and yet I feel that the teachers went out of their way to get to know them better and find ways to challenge them more. When a difficulty came up in one class, the teacher arranged for a tutor from outside school and also very knowledgeable to come weekly to help my child. Teachers at Stanstead College are knowledgeable and passionate about their work, they offer windows of time for extra help and they really care about students Every report card contains the subjects learned, the general class progress but there is always a personal message and description of our children progress Every time I had to write to a teacher, I always received a prompt reply. My children felt encouraged and motivated by their teachers.

(5) Academics

One of my children had interest in administration and the other in sciences. Nonetheless, the academics at Stanstead College introduced them yo both fields, and then some. If I had a negative point to bring up, it would be career education classes, as I felt the teacher responsible pushed them to a specific university and not necessarily to what my children wanted … so I had to seek for help outside of College for university guidance, but once their choice of universities were clear, the teacher did provide great help for the rest of the application process The science department teachers are very knowledgeable and same for the language department. The athletic department also has top of the line coaches and facilities. I feel my children have been taught to by experts and I am confident that they graduated ahead of others.

(5) Extracurriculars

Numerous extracurricular activities are offered at Stanstead College. My children got to participate in the debate club, the Ted Ex Conference team, the school play, the board games club, the community help club, the tutoring club, which sometimes made me wonder how they could do so much in a week! There is plenty to do outside of school and it was the perfect balance between work and fun.

(5) Students

The student body averages 285 students which makes this school like a big family. By the end of the first couple of months, the students almost know everybody. The cafeteria seating plan constantly changes so it forces you to meet new people and new teachers that you wouldn't necessarily have met in your class or in your sports. Clubs every Thursday also helps in finding people with the same interests as you. Spirit days are days where you proudly wear a piece of clothing with the school logo on it, other than uniform, it reinforces the sense of unity of the school. Small classes are the best way to have a better understanding of the subject and if the students does not do well in a class, teachers find out early enough and can help.

(5) School Life

Both my son who graduated in 2019 and my daughter who will graduate in 2022 just LOVE the school. I remember at the end of each summer, instead of being nervous to start a new schoolyear, they on the contrary were so anxious to move back in, see their friends and teachers and coaches, they love the campus, there is a vibe that no other school that they have attended in the past have. Every member of the staff, whether it is a teacher or janitor or cafeteria worker make the students feel at home and feel important. My son is staying in contact with the school through alumni activities that happen not only on campus but also in different majors cities, that goes to show how important Stanstead has been for him.

(5) Community

When the pandemic started, the headmaster and the director of admissions decided to set up weekly Zoom meetings to let the parents know what was going on at the College since the students were not able to return home and parents could not visit. That was much appreciated and this started the beginning of more implication from the parents as a parents committee formed (unofficially). Some parents decided to help in organizing activities to help the school help our kids during those long weekends. It is now becoming more official that parents are involved and I think the College wants to continue to have parents implicated in activities. I feel that parents are welcome, the College always ask for our feedback and keep us informed weekly with the Zoom calls and letters.

(5) School Location

The campus itself has everything the students need. I believe some kids do not even go outside for walks. But there is a possibility to walk to a grocery store at less than a kilometer, depanneur and fast food restaurants so the students do not feel that they are limited to campus. Being near a US border, it makes it easy to recruit students from the US. As well, it has a beautiful location out in the country!

(5) Admissions

I remember from the very first discussions with the admission committee that it was smooth, easy, I felt that they understood our situation, whether it was to accommodate my son with his hockey transition or helping with the financial aid, there was always someone I could contact because they were all knowledgeable about the admissions process. I think the best way is to plan for a tour of the campus that is given both by an actual student and member of the staff, right there they will be able to answer a lot of questions. I don't remember being stressed because every thing was clear. It could be a good idea that the College organized a paring with a returning and a new student to facilitate integration.

(3) University placement and counselling


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