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Reviews of The Giles School

Toronto, ON  |  Grades PS - 8  |  Shortlist


Review by: Lianne Assal - Parent (May 21, 2020)

"The teachers and administrators are exceptional. They are always available to the students and their parents."

Student Experience

I have three children attending The Giles School and I couldn’t be happier about our experience. The Giles School offers children a unique opportunity to challenge themselves in a loving and supportive environment. The teachers and administrators are exceptional. They are always available to the students and their parents. I am always amazed at the things my children are learning at school. The most unique aspect of their education is the opportunity to learn a third language (Mandarin). The children thrive in this environment. They are able to work their way through a challenging curriculum with confidence and positivity. I feel that, by sending my children to The Giles School, I am giving them every advantage. I know they will have the tools they need to succeed in the future.

School Leadership

The leadership communicates regularly with parents through weekly newsletters and other communications. They keep parents very informed about what is happening at the school. They have an open-door policy when it comes to addressing concerns from students and parents. They take these concerns very seriously. They are responsive and will quickly address them in a constructive manner. They make it clear that the #1 priority is the well-being is the students. They create a very loving and nurturing environment for students.


The teachers at The Giles School are phenomenal. They take their roles as educators very seriously. They care deeply about the wellbeing of each and every student. They maintain a disciplined classroom conducive to learning. They are somehow able to move the children quickly through an advanced curriculum while maintaining a positive and loving classroom environment. As a result, the children are confident in their abilities. I am always amazed at what my children are learning at school. My children also love and respect all of their teachers. They feel comfortable approaching them with their concerns or problems. They know that the teachers have their best interests at heart. The teachers also communicate regularly with parents so there are no surprises.


The academic program at The Giles School can best be described as advanced and rigorous. The academic program is what attracted my family to the school in the first place and it has surpassed our expectations. The curriculum is drawn from around the world so that the children are given the best education possible. The children are learning at several grade levels above their current grade in school. They receive regular classes in three languages: French, English and Mandarin. I know that each and every day my children will be challenged. The children thrive at this school. Despite the challenging nature of the academic program, the effective teaching methods enable the students to move through the program with ease.


The school does make an effort to provide the children with extracurricular opportunities. For example, my children are involved in chess, SSAT prep, and stamp club. My older son participated in soccer and basketball tournaments as well as a track and field meet. In the context of this being a small school, I am happy with the options that are available.


In my opinion, the students at The Giles School are an impressive group of children. They are polite and respectful. They are well-disciplined and cooperative. They are diverse and inclusive of their peers. They are kind to one another. They are hardworking and dedicated to excellence. They are confident in their abilities. Since this is a small school with small class sizes, the children form tight bonds with one another. At recess, children from different grade levels can be seen playing together and interacting with one another. Older students mentor younger students. It is a tight-knit group of kids that genuinely cares about their friends. The students are proud of themselves and their school.

School Life

All three of my children love their school. The teachers and administrators provide a loving and nurturing environment for the students. The children feel comfortable approaching them with any of their concerns and parents can be sure that these concerns will be appropriately addressed. The children are engaged throughout the day in a challenging curriculum. Since this is a small school with small class sizes, the children know the names of every other student in the school. They play well together in the schoolyard. At the end of the day, when I come to pick up my kids, they will always want a bit more time to finish playing with their friends.


The school community is a formed of a diverse group of families with the common goal of providing their children with the best education possible. The school organizes various events throughout the year to allow families to get to know one another, including annual barbecues, galas, school concerts, camp day, parent social nights, and award ceremonies. Many parents are engaged as volunteers to help improve the school and the students’ experiences. For example, parents volunteer to be classroom representatives, library organizers, spirit day coordinators, pizza day helpers, and field trip supervisors. On assembly day, there are parents pouring coffee and hot chocolate for other parents. It is a small school so it does not take long to get to know the other families and feel included in the community.

School Location

The school is located in a safe neighbourhood. There are several other private schools on the same street. Most school activities take place on school grounds. However, the students will walk to a nearby church for gym class (grade 2 and above). This is also where some assemblies are held and where the children will go to watch theatrical performances. The school is easily accessible.

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