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Gain exclusive insight into life at The Study from our carefully curated video reviews that deliver in-depth insider info from parents, alumni and students.

Our Perspective on The Study

The name sounds generic, and, historically at least, it was. In 1915 Margaret Gascoigne began her school—there were just six students that year—in the study of her home. In 1922 the school moved to a permanent location on Seaforth where it remained for close to 40 years until it moved to its present one in 1960. (The whole story is told and illustrated in the aptly titled, No Ordinary School: The Study 1915-2015, published to mark the school’s centennial.)

In a sense, Gascoigne provided the same thing then that the school does now: a bilingual education for girls. Though, yes, that alone doesn’t present the half of it. Through the years The Study sought to chart its own path, while at the same time creating a path for the girls that attended. They weren’t being educated to be shrinking violets, but rather to find their voices and, to some extent, transcend the times and circumstances that they were living within. And, they did, with alumnae prominent in fields that run the breadth of Canadian life. That tradition of forthright leaders and students certainly remains today. Part of the charm of the school is that tradition, one that is apparent throughout the school. The school may be a century old, but the program remains at the cutting edge of education. The ideal student is one who can rise to the challenges that the school presents.  

Video reviews

Get crucial behind-the-scenes information about The Study from video interviews with probing questions that we recorded live with parents, current students, and recent alumni.

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Alum, Chloe Maas (2021)

Watch our alum interview with Chloe Maas to learn about the unique experience of attending The Study.

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Alum, Nadine Chalati (2020)

Watch our alum interview with Nadine Chalati to learn about the unique experience of attending The Study.

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