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Topic: Academics

Crystal Pitcher - Parent   (Aug 14, 2018)

The academic program both meets and fulfills my expectations for my daughter's preparation for post-secondary education. While it is not a school which focuses only on academic excellence alone, the climate of the school allows for a high achiever to excel and perform at a level of which she can be proud. She has the opportunities to work beyond the basic curriculum, if she desires, for example, an advanced Cayley math program is available to her. The school performs at a higher level than she experienced in her last grade, and the course material is more intense when compared to that of her friends' work at public high schools. I feel that the more in-depth study that is presented will prepare her for University and beyond that.

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Dayna Pitcher - Alumnus   (Sep 05, 2018)

The school's academic strengths consist of high levels of expectation, extracurricular help, and informative teaching. I believe because they expect so much of you, you tend to try harder to exceed the limit. When I was struggling to catch up after lost class time because of an injury, my teachers helped me before and after school which helped boost my mark, my confidence and my love of the teachers. In grade 9 they taught all the fundamental things I needed to know to help me through high school and it has even helped me get through university. For such a small environment, they have a lot of academic classes to pick that helped me reach where I am now. The students I was surrounded with were definitely raised with the right morals. They mostly had great study habits and were very competitive. Also they incorporated the LORD in all the studies I encountered.

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Jeena Mathai - Parent   (May 24, 2019)

The school's focus is in developing the student. Some children are academically strong and some struggle with different subjects. The academic program at TDCH will prepare the student for post secondary education or work as it follows the general set guidelines. We see a high percentage of students successfully graduate from the school. There are hardly any drop outs that we know of. The school prepares a student to face life, especially to live as a Christian in a challenging world. This focus is key and reflected in all the meetings and agendas. Browsing through alumni publications, and judging where the students end up in life, the school has been successful in creating a positive culture for success.

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Maja Donko - Parent   (May 28, 2019)

A strong academic program is supported by the smaller class sizes compared to other high schools. Our personal experience with the academic program at TD has been positive, and I always had open communication with the teachers if I had questions about homework assignments or kids' progress in classes. I found this school has some of the best math, physics and chemistry teachers, which is really important for science based university or college programs. Classes are 80 minutes which allows for a lot of content to be learned and questions answered. The class length is good to be able to explain concepts and even start homework sometimes. The school also has homework club every week after school, which is really useful for students (my daughter went regularly in grade 12).

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Alla Pereobeva - Parent   (Jun 13, 2019)

The academic program meets my expectations. It would be helpful if the school could have one class with the IB program, or something at a more advanced level. The school offers many opportunities for students during the after-school hours, such as the robotics club, home work club, discussion club. Also it would be an asset, if TD Christian could add some basic accounting and law classes; that would help students build some key life skills. I have also met all the teachers that teach my son, and the teachers all look professional, have deep knowledge of the curriculum and teach with passion. I also like that they have classes that some schools don't have, including Communications Technology, Music, Art, STEM, and Drama. My son also enjoys that how different students that struggle in different class can get more one on one work time with the teacher. The teachers are very willing to help the student succeed.

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Dan Evangelista - Parent   (Jun 25, 2019)

The academic program at Toronto District Christian High School is very unique in my view. I love how they teach in a way that actually prepares students for the world around them. A few examples come to mind. For one, they consistently incorporate a level of public speaking in their subjects which serves the purpose of getting the students comfortable with conveying messages to larger audiences. They other thing that I like is how the school incorporates varying methods in allowing students to progress. For example, the English course allowed students to choose between videos, essays. short stories and art. My son chose to create a video for his project and it ended up being shown at the weekly school assembly. Academics are top notch.

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