Reviews of Toronto District Christian High School

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Topic: School Life

Crystal Pitcher - Parent   (Aug 14, 2018)

While my daughter does love the atmosphere at TDCH, she feels that it is lacking organized social opportunities for the students to be able to interact. Because the students' home bases are so geographically widespread, they don't readily have opportunities to socialize outside of the classroom. Their lunch period is also short. A 20 minute period does not allow for that social interaction and relaxation break that the children need. A Christian lifestyle and attitudes of kindness and concern for each other is very evident at TDCH and in contrast to other schools, TDCH encourages the children to be very supportive and caring with each other.

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Dayna Pitcher - Alumnus   (Sep 05, 2018)

The school life at TDCH is not like other schools or how I imagined high school would be. We do have school spirt for such a small community but I believe we could be more involved. We had spirt days and homeroom competitions and that was the time where our school came alive. We also participated in relay for life which was a blast. All the students were really into the games and enjoyed the day. We didn’t have any exciting pep rally’s like other schools but they seemed open to the idea. Other than that TDCH is a great place to be yourself.

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Jeena Mathai - Parent   (May 24, 2019)

TDCH school starts typically just before 9am and finishes around 3pm. There is a lunch break for less than thirty minutes around noon. This makes a typical school day longer when compared to other public schools in the area, but it suits perfectly to our schedule. Since more classroom hours are covered, there are four project days scheduled every semester, when student works on a project for each subject, and there are also focus days and presentation of learning days. These help the students dig deeper on the topic they have been exploring and add to knowledge and understanding. My children are up nice and bright on school day mornings as they love to go to TDCH. The warmth and the acceptance they feel when they are there gives them the motivation to continue attending TDCH.

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Maja Donko - Parent   (May 28, 2019)

My review of TD Christian School is based on my own experience with both of my kids, as well as my interactions with other parents and friends of my kids. All of them speak very highly of the school and how the experience for the students is always positive. This is apparent when attending any of the school events - it is obvious that kids like going to school there. My own experience of the overall quality of student life at TD Christian has been positive. Both of my kids enjoyed going to school – I never had them say they didn’t want to go to school. This means a lot as a parent. It means the school is doing something right. It means that they have found friends at school. I like the school assemblies, and I think that both of my kids always enjoyed being part of the school community in that way.

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Alla Pereobeva - Parent   (Jun 13, 2019)

My son loves going to TDCH because there is so many classes that he can enjoy, and the school is so big!I like the idea of for the students and the parents" Fridge Door," that gives me updates on the school and school life. A lot of events for the students as well, such as Grandparents Day, and Dinner Theater. They treat each student at TDCH as an individual and teach them to treat each other with respect and kindness. They encourage students to ask questions and address any concerns that may arise. The school has a quite a large gym and library with a lot of books and nice lunch room. In the library students can borrow books even for the Summer break and Winter break.

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Dan Evangelista - Parent   (Jun 25, 2019)

My son likes going to TDCH for a few reasons and believe it or not, it starts with the bus ride. Given the choice, he would choose a longer route and bus just to spend more time with his friends. It is an enjoyable environment for him. There are lots of different areas in the school where my son and his friends can socialize. Some stay in the cafeteria will others will congregate in the library. In terms of improvements, that 's difficult to say. Perhaps a slightly longer lunch period to allow time for longer lunch clubs. As a new family, we didn't know what do expect, but the school made our entire family welcome. We became part of the school family very quickly.

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