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Crystal Pitcher - Parent   (Aug 14, 2018)

The general student body seems to operate better than expected in a high school situation. The practice of having a mixed-grade Home Room class encourages the younger students to interact with the Seniors, making them less intimidating. When entering Grade Nine, my daughter found it very advantageous to be well-acquainted with students in the other grades. The orienteering was made much smoother when she could ask for help from an older student that she had already met. The yearly practice of an overnight service trip early in the school year makes an excellent opportunity for the kids to get to know each other quickly and intensely, and I truly believe it is what fosters the relationships among the students of kindness and care for one another.

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Dayna Pitcher - Alumnus   (Sep 05, 2018)

The students at TDCH were raised in a Christian environment and that really shows in their characters. I have never met a more loving, supportive, and flatout kind people in my life. There were little to no cliques which made interactions between students very easy and safe. There are groups of friends but they all had different likes and abilities so the groups wouldn’t stay the same for very long. The students for the most part were very respectful of the teachers and each other. There are even friendships between students in different grades which is astounding. Our homerooms make that possible because they are 9-12. Overall the student life at TDCH is a happy peaceful heaven and I have no complaints.

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Jeena Mathai - Parent   (May 24, 2019)

The school is neither too small nor too big. There are lot of resources to keep the entire community engaged. If there is one high school where the grade nines and grade twelves all mingle together, TDCH would be the one. There's hardly any occasion you hear about a bullying incident. The general atmosphere is pleasant and caring and loving. Students seem to get along with each other and respect fellow students. They seem to be respectful of teachers and the administration. I have had the opportunity to drive the kids for sports events several times and was pleased with the conversations that I heard in the car. The school also has a big international overseas student community. Maybe a few more opportunities can be organized to intermingle the internationals and the local student bodies.

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Maja Donko - Parent   (May 28, 2019)

In the first week of Grade 9, TD Christian school has introduced an amazing opportunity for students to get to know one another; this really helps the grade 9 students make friends even in the first few days of school. My kids both said the students at TD Christian were for the most part always encouraging and friendly. Some kids came from elementary schools knowing only a few students, and others, did not know anyone. There is such a diverse group of students, and through sports, robotics, music, drama, school assemblies, it seems all students can interact through the year. This school does a homeroom class every Monday, so kids from all grades interact in homeroom, and they have the same homeroom teacher through the 4 years. This homeroom concept for 4 years was really appreciated by my daughter as she really got to know her teacher very well.

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Alla Pereobeva - Parent   (Jun 13, 2019)

TD Christian is a small school. It is around 500 students from grade 9 to 12. It has a warm and caring environment. My son loves the school, and the warm and positive atmosphere. The students interact very well with each other. By the end of the first year they already know all the other students in their grade and perhaps most of the people in the school. I enjoy how students from every grade interact with each through the clubs that the school provides, the sports teams, and even some classes that have students from multiple grades. My son tells me, though, that sometimes different grades don't talk to each other, and they "stick together."

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Dan Evangelista - Parent   (Jun 25, 2019)

Due to the smaller school size, it creates a more closer knit community. The grade 9s and grade 12s actually know each other. People connect with each other in the Friday assembly, school bus and cafeteria. The homeroom classes also include students from Grade 9-12 mixed which is a great way to integrate and make the kids feel like they are part of a family. I was volunteering during final exams last week and my son was able to tell me what some of the Grade 12s were involved in at the school. In this case, it was playing on the soccer team. At the start of grade 9, it was also very easy for my son to make friends and foster connections. He maintained his friendships from elementary school and also made many new friends.

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