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Topic: Teaching

Crystal Pitcher - Parent   (Aug 14, 2018)

The teachers are without doubt, definitely passionate about their subjects! Their enthusiasm is contagious, and my daughter responds very positively to their attitudes. My child is a high achiever, and I feel that she is encouraged to exceed her own limitations and supported in her desire to do her best work. The teachers relate to the kids with their own personal experiences on a regular basis, establishing a connection that allows the children to see them as "real people". All of my daughter's teachers have interacted with her from a place of personal and individual concern for her success. She feels that they really care about her and want her to succeed. They are all available to listen to her concerns about a subject matter, and how she can improve.

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Dayna Pitcher - Alumnus   (Sep 05, 2018)

I learned a lot from my time at TDCH and can honestly say it has helped me in my university years. In grade 9 they teach the absolute basics of everything you are going to learn for the next 4 years. I personally didn’t struggle with very many subjects but they made it very clear to me that if I ever needed a boost, they were more than happy to give it to me. I really enjoyed learning while at TDCH and loved how they taught. They of course incorporated Christianity into the learning environment, which really helped me get closer to God in my four years at TDCH.

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Jeena Mathai - Parent   (May 24, 2019)

It was very important to us as a family that all the teachers are OCT qualified. The teachers are thorough in their academic or athletic or technical knowledge. Each teacher has their own style of presentation and communication, and so does the student. The teachers seem to be up to date with the Ministry of Education's curriculum and teach it with passion. In almost every subject, they give an opportunity to the student to dig deep and explore and research and ask questions. There are presentations of learning days when the students gets to relay the information they have learned. They use an online application called EDSBY to keep students and parents informed of the course outline. This is very useful to guide and help the student as it helps to understand where the course is at a particular period of time

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Maja Donko - Parent   (May 28, 2019)

As a parent, I would highly recommend the school because of the small classes, all teachers know all of the students, it is a very engaging environment with all sorts of different programs catering to the differences in all students. The school also has a strong sports program (many of the school teams move onto regional levels to compete), and excellent music and drama programs. I can't say enough about the music teacher; he is amazing and the music program at TD Christian School is outstanding. The drama program is excellent, and the school theatre productions are first class. With such a variety of courses (from photography, guitar, music, intern programs), every student can be passionate about their learning. I was always told that I could contact the teacher at any time if I had questions or concerns about my kids' classes. It is very obvious that the teachers care about the students and want them to do well, regardless of the courses (from english class to photography).

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Alla Pereobeva - Parent   (Jun 13, 2019)

We came from different privet school but we did not have that grate environment and experience as we got in TDCH. The teachers are exceptional. The teachers are knowledgeable and provide a wide variety of learning opportunities for the kids. We are very happy with the quality of what is taught. They really communicate and stay connected with both the parents and the students--this is so important in the educational process. All the teachers are kind, patient, and care about the students, both academically and personally. The classrooms the are perfect in size, and are bright and clean. The students interact very well with each other regardless of their class and age. Overall, we are very happy, and feel that we made the right decision for our son in choosing TDCH.

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Dan Evangelista - Parent   (Jun 25, 2019)

My son really enjoys the teaching at TDCH. These are men and women that truly take personal joy in seeing their students flourish. The teachers take much pride in their work and pour into the their students. With EDSBY as a communication tool, teachers are consistently available to their students. I always look forward to parent-teacher meetings as we always get very personal feedback on our son's progress. During my son's grade 9 year, he had science, math, English and Physical Education. What I liked about the instruction is that the teachers actually make learning fun. They also follow-up when homework is behind and always offer grace if there is a struggle in understanding the work. Overall, I would say that I am very happy with the quality of the instruction from the teachers at TDCH.

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