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REVIEW OF Toronto District Christian High School BY student, Chidubem Nwokeocha

  • Date of Review
    June 30, 2021
  • Grades
    Gr. 11 - Gr. 12

(4.5) Student Experience

I just started at Toronto District Christian High School so I haven't been here for long but I can already see that I am going to love it here. The teachers and students are really nice and welcoming and I feel like I can just be myself and relax more when I'm around them. The teachers help each student individually and consider their situations to find the best way to help each student reach their full potential in what ever subject they are doing. I am used to more structure in my school day but I think the structure the school give is enough because it allows me to take responsibility and learn to do things on my own without having to be told to.

(4) School Leadership

I really respect the school leadership. They are nice people and I love how they relate with the students and help them in any way that they can. We are able to approach them with any issues or ideas we have knowing that they will listen and help in any way they can. The guidance counsellors listen to what you really want in your future and help guide you in the direction you are leaning towards or advice you in a change that would benefit you. They encourage us and make sure we feel comfortable at the school.

(5) Teaching

The teachers are very passionate about the subjects they teach and the students that learn from them. They relate with us students on a level that allows us to feel more comfortable in the classrooms. The teaching captivates me to focus more during class and listen to what they are teaching. They try not to give us more work than they think we can handle so that we can do the best we can and not be stressed out. Each student is seen as a different individual and we are treated as such. Sometimes an extension is needed and the teachers may give it based on your circumstance. They work closely with us to make sure we understand what they teach and if we don't they put in that extra work to make sure we do and not fall behind in class.

(4) Academics

For me the difficulty of the work varies by subject. I like sciences and math so I find that the level of difficulty in those areas are just right and I can enjoy the classes and the work to be done but for other subjects I can find the work a bit more challenging to handle. doing the work in those other areas tends to take me more time and I struggle a little bit more. However, I do still feel that the work isn't too hard and that most of what we learn in the different subjects are beneficial to our future especially considering the specific field of study you would want to go into in the future. The things we learn are also useful in relating with other people when we get older.

(3.5) Extracurriculars

I joined the school during a point where a lot of extracurricular activities were halted because of the pandemic. I would still commend the effort put into developing clubs and activities that students would be able to do from home. From what I have observed there are a lot of opportunities to take part in clubs and the school offers various sports. Personally I like basketball and so I look forward to when the school is able to hold sports so that I can take part in it.

(4) Students

The students at the school are welcoming and try to make everyone feel included. There is a sense of community and although there are friend groups no one is made to feel left out or bullied. We respect each other, the teachers and the administration and work to make the school a home to all students and people that walk through the doors. The school has a pleasant atmosphere of love, sharing and kindness. The opportunities provided for students to interact with each other and even others outside our grades allows for friendships to be formed and people to feel loved and welcomed by the student body at the school. Most people feel included and if we know someone is feeling left out or excluded we try our best to include them in anyway we can.

(4) School Life

The school day isn't too long for me. It currently runs from about 8:55 am to 2 pm with a lengthy break of about 45 minutes in between. We are currently using the quadmester system so there are only two classes, a morning class and an afternoon class. This makes the classes a little bit too lengthy for me but I manage to get through the day. The school building is nice and there are a lot of dedicated areas to carry out specific activities and classes. Places like the library, stem lab, art room and the E-block room provide all the resources that we may need. The class sizes are small enough that the teacher can provide more attention to each student as is needed.

(4) Community

The school is a community. We are a family. I feel almost at home here because the students and teachers make me feel welcome and I believe this is home most students also feel. The different activities the school holds allows for interaction between students, teachers and parents so close bonds can be formed and people are able to feel more welcome at the school. The administration and teachers try to make sure that everyone feels welcome and this is reflected in their attitudes towards the students. When I volunteer or help out they make sure I feel appreciated and this makes me feel more inclined to help out again and gives me the sense that I belong and I am seen and not just another student that isn't noticed.

(4.5) School Location

The location of the school is good for me. It is close to where I live but there are still a lot of buses that run to different areas to ease the transportation stress for people that live further away and there is ample space surrounding the school. The school recently renovated the front entrance to this beautiful glass window wall that really catches your attention and draws you in.

(4.5) Admissions

I am an international student and I came in grade 11 so I assume that the admissions process was a little different for me. My mum carried out extensive research in looking for a school that would be perfect for me and my sister and she settled on Toronto District Christian High school. She went to the website and there was ample information that provided her with the information she needed. After she filled the applications, the international student coordinator helped her along the way with every process. She was very helpful and answered all the questions that my mum had. The process was not stressful at all and everyone we encountered along the way was really helpful and nice. They helped us settle in and feel at home at the school.


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