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Reviews of Trillium Waldorf School

Guelph, ON  |  Grades K - 8  |  Shortlist


User Submitted Reviews (3)

Trillium Waldorf School

"At the Trillium Waldorf School, the community is the greatest part."

Katie Pew - Parent   (Mar 10, 2022)

Our children both thrive at Trillium Waldorf. My daughter is in grade two and loves every day. Her favourite subjects are handwork, games class and practical arts. My son is in his final kindergarten year and is eagerly waiting to join in the grades. Both children love going to school and always have. The teachers care for them like their own, and I believe the children can really feel that. Our daughter was always very timid and takes a while to give her trust to others. The teachers she’... View full review

"Our school is small which is great because class sizes are lower."

Hanna Van Dijk-Alāč - Parent   (Mar 10, 2022)

The most enjoyable aspect of school for my daughter is visual arts classes which have been taught by a variety of instructors over the years. A wonderful discovery of the colour purple in her SK year was a highlight: she came home one day saying "mom blue and red make purple, look!" and then proceeded to show me the different purple values of the colour wheel. Instead of teaching the children that blue and red make purple, the students discover these colours on their own. Her love for creating b... View full review

"Overall, the teachers have been amazing, thoughtful and creative."

Natalia Brajak - Parent   (Mar 10, 2022)

My son appreciated the intimacy - at times he longed for a bigger school and a gym and a library- but over time he realized the gifts of the class sizes. He was still nourished and stimulated. He really loved woodworking and the love his woodworking teacher brought to class. He really loved all the art woven into class and subject workbooks. The festivals and celebrations are things we will never forget and create a real community feel. The meaningful interactions and opportunities for leadershi... View full review

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Trillium Waldorf School Reviews

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