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Topic: Admissions

Benjamin Glassco - Alumnus   (Jan 25, 2018)

Integrity, balance, and heart. TCS accepts high achievers from all corners of the world for a number a different qualities. The one consistent and universal quality that the students possess is heart. Show them that you have the strength of character to contribute to a bright and incredible international community, and they will welcome you with open arms. After all, clearly displayed under every coat of arms at Trinity College School is "Beate Mundo Corder". Blessed are the pure in heart. Good luck!

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Jocelyn Murphy - Alumnus   (Jan 26, 2018)

During the application process, I was so stressed. I was an anxious kid and felt that my entire future was on line if I wasn't accepted into the school of my choice. However, the moment I went to TCS for a tour and an interview, all of that melted away and it became peaceful. I remember talking with my interviewer for a couple of hours about all of the books that I'd read, the goals that I had for the future and how I felt about the world. I felt heard, respected and safe, and she made me feel like I would fit in. Beyond my own self-imposed doubts, the admissions team at TCS was wonderful.

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Mariam Omilabu - Student   (Jan 23, 2018)

I can easily say that the admissions process was smooth and organized for me, especially since I had an admissions officer from TCS that was very helpful in directing my family on the necessary steps needed and keeping us updated throughout the application process, it was only quite long because it entailed me applying for a student visa. If someone was planning on applying I would have two pieces of advice for them: they would need to apply early and give themselves enough time, especially if the person would be an international student needing a visa and they would need to make sure their family keeps in touch with the admission officer they are in contact with just so they can feel relaxed that everything is going smoothly. The moment that stood out the most for me in the application process was when i asked the interviewer about the how the students were. It was remarkable how honest he was because he did not paint this picture of a school where everyone is best friends with each other, he told me the students were nice but it would be up to me on how I would receive them and engage with them over the course of the year. I really did not find it stressful, in fact, it was (kind of) fun, especially when I was asked to submit a drawing of what I think I represent as a person, that part really made me look forward to coming despite all my fears. What I know now that I did not know then is that one can apply to enter in the middle of the year, so if you applied late you could choose to come in the middle of the year rather than rushing to make it to September, as I have seen a few students who came mid-year.

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Kim McConnell - Parent   (Mar 08, 2021)

During the admission process, your admissions officer will introduce you to a student Masterkey leader, who tours you around the campus and shares their personal experience at Trinity. For me, one of the best parts of the admission process was going for a tour of the school. Whether it be a private tour with a Masterkey leader or coming to a school open house, you are able to experience a sense of community. Seeing the teachers and students and some of the current parents coming together to show off their school, all of who were happy to answer any questions and talk about the TCS experience. Initially, my daughter was very nervous about doing the entrance test and interview. After doing the school tour, everyone was so friendly, she felt comfortable and calm and relaxed to go and write the admission test.

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Candace Pickering - Parent   (Mar 08, 2021)

We had a long relationship with the admissions department as sending our children to TCS has been a long-term dream of ours. I believe my boys were only 4-years-old on our first tour of the campus! What worked well for us is getting to know one admissions staff and building a relationship with her. Adrienne Ross was our contact and we got to know each other very well over the years. The admissions process was very smooth. Information was sent out many months in advance and the instructions were clear. At the time we applied for our children, the software had a small glitch with twins (same address/same birthday) which we were warned of ahead of time and we were told how to manage it step by step so it wasn't an issue at all. The admissions staff were also very upfront with financial assistance and scholarship opportunities. Results of both of these were clear and quick, not leaving anyone in limbo.

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Erica Brown - Parent   (Mar 08, 2021)

Trinity College School has the best Admissions team! From the initial interest in the school all the way through the application process through the acceptance process, the Admissions team was there for support, guidance, and encouragement. Our personal TCS Admissions experience for our children was exceptional. Since my husband was a TCS alumnus, he wanted to ensure that our children visited TCS plus other boarding schools and make their own decision on where to attend high school. Boarding school had to be the right fit, then the school had to be the right fit. Each child chose TCS independently of their father's attendance at the school. The way that TCS conducted their admissions process really gave the children every opportunity to see all great aspects and opportunities within the TCS school life.

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