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REVIEW OF Trinity College School BY parent, Susan Zhang

  • Date of Review
    March 10, 2022
  • Grades
    Gr. 8 - Gr. 12

(5) Student Experience

Our daughter Lily and we all feel that school is her home. She loves school and has studied here for five years from Grade 9 to grade 12. TCS gives her a lot of care, she got the right values, understands the truth of life. In grade 8, we accompanied her for one year, and she knew the school very well and liked it very much. In that year, we participated in many school activities, such as Christmas Eve, the whole junior high school had a concert, and for example, the children participated in the drama, we watched on the spot, that year, left us a very good impression. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic in the next two years, the school did not have the graduation ceremony, and many sports activities could not be carried out normally. The badminton match she just liked was stopped midway.

(5) School Leadership

My daughter lives in Scott House, the dormitory is very strict, every night at 10:30, she has to hand in her cell phone in a box. If your academic record does not earn you a scholarship, you will have to concentrate on evening study every night. We are quite at ease with this arrangement. As the school's largest corporate leader, she led the community cultural fusion, has brought her a lot about the cultivation of the leadership, her from the team members to the assistant to the leadership, her from the activities, to organize, to lead, she presided over many large activities, including the lunar celebration, "my hometown" exhibition, the national costume parade... We were all amazed at her growth.

(5) Teaching

The teachers are very professional, and their work attitude is very serious and responsible. The school is open to parents with a complete academic review system. Teachers can respond to our emails quickly. Several times, we communicated with the teacher about children's confusion in the course selection, and the teacher gave a timely reply. The school has weekly one-on-one tutoring. Each child is assigned a full-time counselor, supervisor and course selection teacher. TCS teachers are very talented, they are good at communicating with students, giving encouragement and praise to children. My daughter likes her politics teacher the most, so she took two courses with him and went to work as a volunteer in the Congressman's office for a month during the vacation. We really appreciate her work.

(5) Academics

The school offers 22 AP courses and is one of the few AP Capstone schools. Academically, the teachers have a high standard of teaching. The school has a complete painting curriculum, music curriculum, but also regular exhibitions for students, there is a concert every year. TCS offers a course in travel, dual credit courses in English and history, history part of this course, children will be done in Ottawa and Europe, the children will go to the first world war and the second world war, battlefield, they visited the trenches feel the war, to go to the cemetery worship circle, they go to the war museum experience of war damage, They went to the camps to experience the cruelty of war. They go from Poland to Normandy, France, and these classes are very precious to children.

(5) Extracurriculars

My child has participated in the Waterloo Mathematics competition every year for five years and has done well, winning the school championship many times. The following two years to participate in the business competition, but also entered the provincial competition. She participated in the badminton match, which was cancelled due to the pandemic. The school provides many opportunities to participate in various activities.

(4.5) Students

She found friendship in school, she has three friends circle, four friends circle, six friends circle. In her own circle of friends, she is very relaxed and enjoys the friendships. She felt that among all the international students, she was the fastest and best student to assimilate into Canadian culture. Half of her best friends are Chinese kids and half are Canadian kids. They can mix very well. She often attends Canadian children's birthday parties, long weekends, is invited to the home, she and her classmates participate in family activities, go camping or treehouse, she enjoys life in the home of her classmates. In the dormitory, she likes her two roommates very much, they live like sisters, they have many common topics together, take photos together, participate in competitions together, help each other and grow together.

(4) School Life

For her, who loves Chinese food, we hope to provide more Asian food in the canteen of the school. The school uniform is also very, very beautiful and comfortable. The dormitory was comfortable and she liked it. The campus is very large and beautiful, with perfect facilities and friendly administrators. The school sports facilities are very good, children can use the gym, tennis court, skating rink, football field, baseball court, squash court, basketball court, swimming pool and so on. Every day after school, we must take part in sports. There are also long runs and meaningful anniversaries every year, and these days, the children have a lot of reflection, in the process of thinking about the meaning of life, such activities. We also learn with our daughter. We also have a lot of harvests.

(5) Community

The TCS parent community plays an important role every year. They have independent magazines to go to, new media campaigns like Facebook and Instagram, and they hold regular readings, tea parties, and reading and learning together. When students feel pressure in final exams, they will send gift packages to students, and also send H dog volunteers to school to release pressure for children. They organize activities on Valentine's Day and Thanksgiving Day, send flowers to schools at Christmas, and send care to teachers during the epidemic. The Chinese parent community also assisted the student associations in organizing lunar year activities, which became the most influential activities of TCS and established a good reputation for the school among Chinese people. Chinese parents have WeChat groups. There is a welcome group for new students to guide them through all kinds of preparatory work.

(4) School Location

As parents, we love the school environment, which is beautiful, quiet and safe. As students, they feel a little lonely, shopping and watching movies around is not convenient. The town of Port Hope is the end of the salmon run. October is the best season in the town, and the small population makes it a rare retreat. The town has many special festivals every year, such as jazz festival, canoeing festival, Salmon Watching Month, town carnival and so on.

(5) Admissions

Kathy, head of admissions, is very professional and friendly. She has worked in TCS for many years and knows a lot about the school. She can also tell parents whether TCS is suitable for their child. Every year, the admissions department will go to different parts of the world to hold admissions meetings. There are more than 100 international students from dozens of countries in the school. Every child meets TCS admission standards and stands out from many applicants. There are about 15 students from China every year. These students are mainly excellent students from Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen. We applied for TCS, provided TOEFL and SSAT middle-level scores, and participated in the school's independent enrollment examination. My daughter was accepted by college admissions officers almost immediately.

(5) University placement and counselling

As early as 10th grade, college applications start to be determined, and counselors begin to help with course selection. Students applying to us universities and Canadian universities will have different courses. In grade 12, counsellors begin to guide the work related to the application. Parents can apply for a meeting with counsellors, find out their child's application status, their current academic scores, and their preparation for college essays. TCS organizes parents' meetings to explain the work progress of applying for the school, as well as psychological counseling for parents and children. This process, which is very important for parents, helps us get through the stress and anxiety of application season. My daughter Lily, the final result was perfect. She got the admission letter of Rotman Business School of the University of Toronto, which she most wanted to go to, as well as the offer of CooP honors Mathematics and Financial Analysis of the University of Waterloo. Finally, she chose the University of Toronto. We were happy to see the results.


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