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REVIEW OF Trinity Montessori School BY parent, E Poon

  • Date of Review
    March 09, 2021
  • Grades
    Nursery/Toddler - SK

(5) Student Experience

Both of our daughters have been going to Trinity Montessori School since they were 18 months old, and both of them have developed a true love for learning. Over the years, we have witnessed their growth socially, intellectually and physically, and I attribute a large part of that to the positive learning environment that the school has created. My older daughter entered her toddler class as a shy little girl who was very hesitant to learn new things, and she graduated as a confident young lady with a supportive group of friends. We especially appreciate that the school encourages the students to develop not only intellectually, but also through play, social events and being in touch with our community. Overall, our experience at Trinity Montessori School has been extremely positive.

(5) School Leadership

Trinity Montessori School maintains constant communication with parents through their regular newsletters. Given that it is a relatively small school, we have had no issue getting in touch with the school office. Overall, we find the administrative team at Trinity to be responsive, supportive and experienced. We also appreciate the school's exceptional display of leadership in handling the pandemic crisis. The school really went above and beyond in ensuring that all students could continue to learn in a safe environment.

(5) Teaching

Over the past six years, we have interacted with nine teachers at Trinity Montessori School, and all of them have been professional and supportive. I still remember when my older daughter first started with her toddler class, she had a bit of difficulty getting adjusted to the new school environment. Her teacher at the time patiently supported and encouraged her, while respecting her personality. Another important consideration for my husband and I when we surveyed the schools in our neighborhood was the Montessori method of teaching. Both of our daughters have responded well to this method of learning, and being able to learn at their own pace has helped to keep them motivated. Overall, I feel that the experienced teaching team at Trinity Montessori School is one of its biggest assets.

(5) Academics

The academic excellence at Trinity Montessori School surpassed our expectations. We are particularly happy that the school is an accredited Montessori school formally recognized by the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators. Besides the typical Montessori curriculum, Trinity also has a strong focus on creative writing, reading, mathematics and French. When our daughter graduated from SK, she was at a Grade 2-3 level for her English language and math skills. Through the school's daily reader program, she has developed a habit of reading on her own - a habit that she has kept until this day. One point that future parents may need to take into consideration is that because the academic level at Trinity is more advanced, students who are transitioning to a public school system for Grade 1 may already be familiar with a lot of the concepts taught. Overall, Trinity Montessori School has done an excellent job in cultivating a fun, challenging and stimulating academic environment.

(4.5) Extracurriculars

Students at Trinity Montessori School regularly participate in physical education programs and community events. The Terry Fox Run, Many Faces of Markham competition, Model UN and annual holiday community drives have become staples in the school calendar. We also especially appreciate the well-organized after-school program at Trinity, with a wide variety of course offerings in art, languages, chess and engineering.

(5) Students

The first impression I had during my school tour at Trinity Montessori School was that the students seemed happy, engaged and well behaved. The teachers at Trinity are caring and well-mannered, and I think this is reflected in the student body as well. The Montessori learning environment has provided lots of opportunities for our daughters to learn together with their classmates, and both of them have really enjoyed interacting with their peers in class. Senior students are encouraged to help younger students with their learning. And every year, elementary students are invited to read with the kindergarten students in class. Through participation in charity events, the students have also developed a strong sense of giving back to the community and to those in need.

(5) School Life

Trinity Montessori School has done an amazing job in creating a safe and enriching environment for all its students. There is an excellent balance between academic learning, rest time and creative play in the daily school program. And there is a good teacher-to-student ratio to ensure that all students receive the attention that they need. The school has taken a multi-faceted approach in encouraging the students to learn, to read, to be creative and to challenge themselves. Both of our daughters love going to school, and I feel that their time at Trinity has helped them develop a sense of responsibility, a love for learning, and a natural curiosity towards the world. Overall, the student life at Trinity Montessori School has been vibrant, fun and rewarding.

(5) Community

Trinity Montessori School is a welcoming and close-knit community. Parents are invited to participate in workshops, seminars and field trips. There are two parent-teacher interview sessions every year, along with an orientation session for new parents in the fall. We especially appreciate the opportunity to learn more about parenting tips and the Montessori teaching method through the school's regular morning workshops. We also enjoyed seeing the kids perform in the school concerts and French Day. Having these special events every year really helped to bring everyone in the Trinity Montessori School community together. Another event that we really appreciated was the opportunity for parents and kindergarten graduates to visit the elementary classrooms. Overall, there is a good level of involvement from parents in the school's activities.

(4) School Location

Trinity Montessori School is located in a safe neighbourhood. We like that the school building is well protected and that the playground area has good privacy. The school is also located close to a community centre with good access to skating and swimming facilities. As with many other schools, parking during pick-up and drop-off periods is an issue, but the wait time is typically no more than 10 minutes.


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