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Review by: Zeina Jabr - Student (May 03, 2021)

"Teachers and guidance counsellors at Virtual High School are always at your disposal when looking for extra help on your college admissions, assignment inquiries, and tasks..."

Student Experience

Virtual High School offers courses that are not only flexible and time efficient, but extremely fun to complete and give students the complete freedom of when they would like to start and end the course at their own time schedule! My experience at Virtual High School has been nothing but pleasant and wish to change nothing about the structure of the course content and assignments. Every assignment is analyzed to the dot by teachers and staff members at VHS to make sure every student is capable to complete the assignments with no struggles or worries. If you ever feel that your questions may not be appropriately answered by your teachers through email, you are always free to open the free tutoring tool that offers a live chat with a professional that gives you a detailed step-by-step explanation of any course content questions you may have! Another tool that has completely changed my time management was the "Pacing Tool" which allows you to input the start date of the course you are taking and the desired end date of when you would like to be done with the course. It then provides you with a list of all the assignments and test you must complete before your deadline approaches!


The admission process at Virtual High School was extremely quick and easy to work through and took no longer than an hour to complete. You are able to join VHS as a student from any corner of the world! Unlike most private schools, Virtual High School does not require any type of admission tests and has a completely stress-free admission process. All you need is your personal information at hand and your willingness to become a working student at an amazing private school called Virtual High School! If you attended a school previous to VHS, you are required to submit your previous school transcripts so that VHS can provide you with what type of courses you need to complete to earn your Secondary School Diploma! Once you purchase the courses you are required to complete, the course is unlocked for you and is available after 24 hours!

School Life

Since VHS is an online school, the tour would be focused around the website. The website offers an "About Us" section that explains in detail the origin of Virtual High School, where the headquarters are in Ontario, the core values at Virtual High school, how the enrolments process works, and how you could unlock your course content! The website also provides a "Register" section that offers a list of courses ranging from grade 9 to Grade 12 with a detailed description of what each course offers and its price! Upon registering at Virtual High School, you're provided with your own personal school email that is used when emailing teachers, school guidance counsellors, and staff that are always glad to guide you through you courses and any inquiries you might have and are always happy to improve your experience here at VHS.


The work provided at Virtual High School is just perfect with its challenging yet fun assignments that help you really dive deep into your course that helps you really understand what you're learning about. Assignments range from at-home experiments, academic essays, lab reports, and even cooking recipes! There is never a boring day being a student at Virtual High School as you are constantly working your way through fascinating courses that help you further analyze what you might or might not pursue later on in the future! Most of the course content provides you with visual representations that also help you properly visualize what you're learning about which i found to be extremely helpful with courses such as Biology and Chemistry.


When working on course assignments, every student is provided with a detailed rubric that explains exactly what is needed from you and has a detailed explanation on what you should and shouldn't include in your assignments to get the grade you are looking for! Teaching at virtual high school is structured to be straightforward and simple for any and every student to understand. Virtual High School even offers a live chat tutoring tool that helps you with any of your inquiries regarding the course content! You are always free to email your teachers at any given time of the day and your teacher will reply almost immediately with your best interest at heart and are willing to give you a helpful hand when it comes to understanding the course content.

School Leadership

Teachers and guidance counsellors at Virtual High School are always at your disposal when looking for extra help on your college admissions, assignment inquiries, and tasks, and overall guidance on working your way through Virtual High School! Teachers at Virtual High School submit your grade around 2-5 days upon submitting your assignments and are always offering helpful feedback for future assignments and tests! Being a student at Virtual High school, you never have to worry about being neglected by your teachers or peers as you are always taken care of in every aspect of your studies.

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