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Interview with Waldorf Academy PARENT, Abi Etches-Raheel

Abi, current parent, shared her perspective on Waldorf Academy's welcoming community and the personalized learning methods. She highlighted the significance of outdoor education, arts, and integration across different fields. The engaging faculty and the school's philosophy deeply resonated with their family values.

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  • When we started looking for middle schools for our son, we knew we wanted a co-ed environment and small class sizes. And so then we had a shortlist of six or eight schools that we started to assess.

  • When we went to the Waldorf open house, we were greeted with so much warmth and this sense of community. That really stuck out to us relative to all of the other schools we toured.

  • The other factor that struck us immediately was the physical environment at Waldorf. The walls are covered in art created by the students, but also the teachers and the faculty. It's not a sterile environment. You can definitely see the learning that's going on, and that's very much reflected in the physical presence.

  • After seeing Waldorf Academy in person, we delved into the philosophy a bit more and appreciated how they really meet your child where they're at. When your child is paying more attention to something, they are interested in that and want to allow the child to explore it further. That became really important to us.

  • One thing that separated Waldorf during the application process, from the other schools, was the requirement for the child to spend three days at school. That really gave us a sense that this was going to be the right environment for our son. He got to meet the cohort that he would be with if accepted. This was a massive factor for us, because it gave him and us comfort knowing he could see himself there.

  • What stood out the most was the compassion, the sense of community, and the empathy the teaching staff showed, when handling situations. They don't let kids get too stuck in their comfort zones. They allow you to stretch yourself, help you try a little bit harder, try new things, and go a bit deeper into topics you’re interested in.

  • One of my son’s favorite things has been the focus on outdoor education. We've noticed more of a gratitude for the world and an appreciation. This has been really meaningful.

  • The environment at Waldorf allows for students’ curiosity to grow, so they could continue to learn and explore. They've allowed my son to explore things that he may not have been driven to on his own, like art classes. And they connect art to other learning areas such as geometry. The move to virtual has had them explore technology, facilitating presentations and performances online.

  • On the academic side, Waldorf Academy has been giving him an opportunity to think about his future, what he wants to study, and where he wants to go after high school. It has truly met what we needed out of a school for our child. The outdoor education trip at the start of Grade 7 left an indelible print on my son. It’s something that he still talks about. The Grade 8 curriculum allows students to dive deeply into topics of their choosing. They take pride in their work.

  • The amount of engagement between the faculty and the parent body is great. There's a consistent flow of information, so by the time you get your first report card, there are no surprises. This facilitates education to be a community affair, not just the school's responsibility but the parents', as well.

  • Transitioning to a Waldorf environment was easier than I had anticipated. They meet the child where they're at from an education perspective. We also found a strong foundation of similar values among like-minded parents. The administration and teaching staff have been fantastic, approachable, and open to listening, making it easy to engage with them throughout the year.

  • The staff at Waldorf Academy are considerate, and they teach in a very deliberate way. Our experience has been truly great. My instincts about Waldorf were right. That shows the importance of trusting your gut when choosing an environment that allows your child to thrive.


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