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Sending a child to private school has become more accessible for many parents as most schools now offer some form of financial aid. But for the majority of families considering private school, they find their finances in the zone between being too wealthy for bursaries and not so wealthy that money is not a concern.

Ways to Pay for Private School
Budgeting and a sound investment strategy can help you send your son or daughter to private school

If this sounds like your family, you'll need to prioritize expenses and effectively manage your cash flow so your child may attend the school of their choice and have the education and experiences that you desire for them.

As a past editor of Our Kids Private School Guide, I interacted with hundreds of parents that had many questions about how to pay for private school tuition. Parents were really excited about the opportunities private school offered their child, but were unsure how they could make it happen financially. Today, I am a financial advisor with WSC Insurance Group in Oakville, Ontario and have refreshed answers and ideas to help parents with these financial concerns.

There are a number of practical steps you can take to be financially ready to send your child to private school, and keep them there:

Organizing your family's finances in a healthy manner is a necessary step to paying for private school tuition and expenses. If you have a specific question that deals with your own private situation, please email me at [email protected] and I will be happy to get back to you in a private manner.

—David Field, WSC Insurance Group in Oakville, Ontario
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