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Grades Gr. 8 TO Gr. 12 — Burnaby, BC (Map)

Whytecliff Agile Learning Centre - Burnaby:

Whytecliff Agile Learning Centre - Burnaby Reviews

Our Perspective on Whytecliff Agile Learning Centre - Burnaby

Whytecliff is different, something the youth and families who attend deeply appreciate. … For students with diverse learning needs, especially those who have struggled with anxiety or depression, Whytecliff is a refuge—an island of stability in a turbulent world. The hallmark of the Whytecliff program is that it’s community-based and anchored in real relationships.

The school began operations in 1993, though is an expression of a larger program of activity that dates back to 1975 with the creation of the Focus Foundation, a non-profit intending to provide social and educational support for youth aged 13-19. Since the beginning, the force of the programs was in working with assets, rather than deficits: finding talents and passions, and using those as the means of developing skills and engagement. The school extends that mandate, providing a positive, understanding environment for students who, for a range of reasons, haven’t been able to thrive in prior academic settings. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding, and that’s demonstrated through high rates of attendance, course and degree completion, and academic success. Students arrive with a range of challenges, though also with a shared experience of finding themselves on the periphery of their various social circles. In that sense, while they may be different from each other, here they are different in the same way. The school, for many, is the first truly positive, inclusive community they’ve been a part of. That forms the basis of the work of the school, as does a faculty that brings a wealth of professional and therapeutic accreditation and experience.

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