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WillowWood School

"WillowWood feels like a big caring family."

Ayeh Hamidian - Parent   (Mar 30, 2022)

My son was in another private school for a few years and also spend some time at a public school before we moved to WillowWood. He used to hate going to school and every morning was a struggle for him and us alike. WillowWood made him fall in love with school again. He has had amazing teachers in all his years at WillowWood from grade 3 all the way to grade 12. WillowWood's Pod program in the lower and middle schools is unique and the one-on-one support is amazing. He loves everything about Wi... View full review

"We are very pleased with the level of teaching support that our daughter has received."

Mary Yuan - Parent   (Mar 09, 2022)

Our daughter came to WillowWood in Grade 9 after attending Toronto public schools since kindergarten. She had trouble fitting in with other kids up until then, came to WillowWood with low self-esteem and high social anxiety, and was somewhat scarred from sporadic incidents of bullying. WillowWood was instrumental in helping her with a smooth transition and developing strong and positive friendships that have strengthened over time. Our daughter is graduating this year with an appreciation fo... View full review

"My child loves going to school at WillowWood."

Latha Raman - Parent   (Mar 09, 2022)

My child was not thriving in the public school environment and needed additional help and attention. WillowWood School saw the potential in my child and provided all the help and assistance needed to succeed and now my child is well on the way to higher studies. My child and I are grateful for all the positive experiences in the past 4 years of high school and would recommend WillowWood School for anyone who needs that additional support to succeed. Homework Hubs, regular check-ins with parents,... View full review

"My wife and I have been super impressed with the quality and consistency of WillowWood's education."

Dave Frederickson - Parent   (Mar 09, 2022)

We first enrolled our son Oscar at WillowWood School in 2015 after we saw him struggle both socially and with reading among other topics in jk, k and grade one at first public than another private school. Within the first month, we saw a dramatic change both in how he was interacting with other students but also in his ability to read. The first year there was called a foundation year and he was given a specialized learning plan that matched where he needed assistance in how to best learn. This ... View full review

"They help the students create, then build work practices that will set them up for success not only for exams but for life moving forward."

Jonathan Landon - Parent   (Oct 24, 2018)

In a word, transformational. Going from really disliking school in general to really wanting to go to school in such a short period of time has been amazing. School used to be something that was stressful previously. Bullying seemed to be all around. Teachers seemed to care more about themselves and their status than they did about the kids. The nature of the relationships between the faculty, administrative staff and students at WillowWood is peer to peer in nature. Respect is demonstrated by a... View full review

"Each teacher has been able to identify and address our child's unique learning style. Not only do they give her the push that she needs to achieve, they have instilled a belief in her own ability..."

Karen Snowdon-Steacy - Parent   (Oct 24, 2018)

My child loves WillowWood and feels very safe at the school. She describes the day to day feeling as if she is with her family. She has been given the encouragement to explore her creative gifts and her sports ability through the annual holiday happening, the annual play production, the various sports teams and the special art projects. She participates by talking about current events and has been experiencing the impact of giving back during the 30 Hour famine event. She has had so many... View full review

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