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Metropolitan Preparatory Academy

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Metropolitan Preparatory Academy
49 Mobile Drive
Toronto, Ontario, M4A 1H5
November 16, 2017
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Sue Dhillon
(416) 285-0870

Small class sizes, individualized attention, supportive staff, a challenging academic curriculum and an extensive array of extracurricular activities combine to foster the intellectual, physical and social potential of university-bound students. “Metro Prep encourages students to believe in themselves, set inspiring goals and work towards them,” says Guidance Counsellor Sue Dhillon. 

Allowing Students to Thrive

Students at Metro Prep are encouraged to find their voice, express themselves with confidence and ask critical questions. “We believe that young men and women flourish in a safe, inviting, learning atmosphere where they feel confident expressing their individuality, asking questions, and seeking the help they need to thrive,” says Dhillon. The school operates without uniforms  and with open faculty doors. Extensive athletic and extracurricular opportunities including an advanced media arts, athletics, and a growing theatre arts program.

Raising Global Citizens and Encouraging Philanthropy

In keeping with Metropolitan Preparatory Academy’s long history of philanthropic endeavours, Metro Prep has partnered with Me to WE. This joint venture is founded on similar goals—inspiring youth to play an active role in their local and global communities while providing opportunities for students to develop their leadership potential.  

“It’s a different learning experience,” says Dhillon. “Learning doesn’t happen just in a classroom, it’s all around. Students have an opportunity to know that, no matter where you are, you can have an impact.”

S M I T H : School of Music, Integrated Arts, Theatre and Humanities

Metro Prep Academy’s S M I T H program has been 15 years in the making. Artistic Director and founder, Ryan Seeley has been teaching talented students, grades 7 through 12, Acting, Directing, Music, and the Humanities there since 2001. This new, specialized arts initiative offers students the opportunity to deeply explore their creative talents while studying at one of Toronto’s most unique and respected independent schools. S M I T H students have access to all that Metro Prep has to offer academically, while being immersed in a broad spectrum of arts classes ( Music, Media Arts, Visual Arts, Theatre and Film) taught by experienced professionals in their respective fields. In a conservatory-like setting, each student follows a path that inevitably leads to the discovery of their own artistic voice. Along the way, they are exposed to the imaginations of the world’s greatest thinkers, writers, leaders, and historians through Metro Prep’s enriched humanities programming. This unique approach integrates the academic and the artistic like no other school in the country. 


About Metropolitan Preparatory Academy

Take a tour of the school and meet with students and faculty. The event is a great way to learn more about Metro Prep’s academic/university prep curriculum, and to experience the supportive environment first hand.

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