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St. Clement's School

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St. Clement's School
21 St Clement's Ave
Toronto, ON, M4R 1G8
October 17, 2017
Kristin Mills
[email protected]

Located in the heart of midtown Toronto, St. Clement’s School is an all girls’ independent school. St. Clement’s offers a unique small-school advantage: 470 girls in Grades 1 through 12, learning together in one building. This, together with SCS’ faculty, staff, and families, creates a spirited and close-knit community. SCS offers a breadth of learning experiences that challenge and empower its students to engage in life as curious, courageous, compassionate, and confident young women.

Building on a foundation of academic excellence, St. Clement’s focuses on developing the character traits, leadership and communication skills, and critical thinking girls need to both excel in university and contribute to the rapidly changing, globally connected world we live in.

The All Girls Advantage

As an all-girls’ school, St. Clement’s develops outstanding women who are intellectually curious, courageous, and compassionate. How does SCS do this? And why does the world need more women like this? SCS offers their students a learning experience that prepares them for the realities of today’s world. “We don’t just want our girls to thrive at school; we want them to thrive in today’s connected, complicated world,” explains Principal Martha Perry, who is also a St. Clement’s alumna and President of the Board of Trustees of the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (NCGS) . “We know we can’t teach our girls everything, but we can and do prepare them for the specific realities of our changing world. We support each of our girls to discover and define their own pathways, giving them the self-assurance to stride confidently into life beyond SCS and to make a difference in the world.”

It is a world where “what you know” is becoming less important than “what you can do” with what you know. This requires women who can collaborate with many different types of people. Women who can communicate effectively and persuasively. Women who can meet challenges head on, and think critically about alternatives. Women who stand firm in their beliefs, even in the face of adversity. Women who are ever curious about the world and the people around them, because they are connected to one another like never before and must know how to maintain and nurture those connections.

“These traits can’t solely be taught in a classroom setting,” continues Martha. “But they can be developed at a school like SCS, where Grade 12s model confidence for Grade 1s, by virtue of being together in the same building; where the learning space isn’t just our own campus, but a network of community spaces and partners extending well beyond our walls; and where the development of leadership skills starts from the Junior School on up to Grade 12, so that leading and collaborating are completely natural.”


About St. Clement's School

Does your daughter belong in a red blazer? Attend the open house to learn more about St. Clement’s programs, student life, and how the school can support and encourage your daughter.

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