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The YMCA Academy

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YMCA Academy
15 Breadalbane Street
Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1C2
October 28, 2017
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Bonita Ip
416-928-0124, ext. 0

“We have the best high school gym in the world,” says Don Adams, head of school at YMCA Academy. Located in the Central YMCA, that’s likely true. It’s also an extremely unique program, especially beneath the Y umbrella, “the only one of its kind in North America.” Which can make it a bit hard to get your head around. But it’s real. “When people come to see the school, there are laptops for every student. Every classroom is beautifully equipped.”

The YMCA Academy is a Ministry of Education–inspected, alternative high school in downtown Toronto. Inspired and supported by the YMCA of Greater Toronto, our personal differentiated approach, specialized programs, and individualized use of assistive technology are ideally suited to students with mild learning disabilities or learning style differences.

The very heart of private education is providing options for parents looking to support their learner, and YMCA Academy sits at the very heart of that concept. It was founded and developed to support learners with needs that may not be adequately met within other settings. Likewise, it comprises an academic environment in which those students aren’t constantly reminded of their exceptionality. Here, they participate in a community that is supportive, sympathetic, and socially oriented around their personal needs. That, in itself—irrespective of the programs or the curriculum—can be transformational. This isn’t a school for others, making a concession for them. Rather, it is a school for them. That’s huge.

Adams notes that the program is rigorous, an unmodified presentation of Ontario high school curriculum. There are, however, provisions made for a range of learning differences, addressing the specific needs of students with ADD, ADHD, language-based learning difficulties, issues with processing speed, mental health and autism spectrum disorder.

Again, it’s less about the diagnosis than it is the experience. Says Adams, the school provides "a sense of community and accomplishment … [of being] safe in a community. ... Once they begin to experience success it becomes contagious." 

"My daughter started in Grade 9 this year," says one parent, "and it is the first time in six years that she loves going to school. Her self-esteem and self-confidence has grown immensely. Her motivation to succeed has skyrocketed."

YMCA Academy is located at 15 Breadalbane Street, Toronto, in the Central YMCA, near Yonge and College streets and College subway station.

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Discover The YMCA Academy! Tour the school and get details about our unique Special Education programming during our upcoming Open House.

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