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Progressive Academy

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Progressive Academy
13212 106 ave
Edmonton, Alberta, T5N 1A3
January 26, 2018
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Robyn Robertson
[email protected]

Progressive Academy hits a lot of the sweet spots that parents are looking for when considering private education. The size of the student body is smaller than the mean for schools across Canada, and affords a more individual, personal approach to instruction. The students are known by faculty, staff, and peers, and therefore quickly gain a sense of place and belonging. That said, the school is large enough to provide a good range of curricular programs and extracurricular activities. Students have the opportunity to try activities that they perhaps wouldn't attempt in larger, more competitive settings. A strong academic program is delivered in consort with an attention to interpersonal skills and social and emotional development. The school is a particular draw for families looking for a balanced program, one that builds from the students’ interests and creativity, yet supports them to reach a bit beyond their immediate comfort zones.

Join the Progressive Academy family for their Open House and take a tour of the school, meet some students, and speak with faculty. There will be a brief introduction, school tour, and refreshments. Staff will be available to answer and questions one-on-one after the tour as well.


About Progressive Academy

Attend the Progressive Academy Open House for a chance to see the school, learn what makes their environment and students so unique, meet current students, and speak with the staff one on one.

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