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REVIEW OF Braemar House School BY parent, Anna Nemeth

  • Date of Review
    November 07, 2018
  • Grades
    Gr. 6 - Gr. 6

(5) Student Experience

Our son enrolled in Braemar House School in Sep 2018. We had considered Braemar for many years, but thought it was important for our son to go to our neighbourhood school. After some sub-par experiences at our neighbourhood school we considered Braemar House School again and after meeting with the Executive Director, the principal and an educator we enthusiastically enrolled our son! He enrolled in grade 6 in September 2018 and we have found the education level to be far superior to his previous school, the athletics plentiful and the family atmosphere so enjoyable! Our son is really enjoying the other children, the respect they show and how they are all there to learn. Our son in absolutely loving it and thriving and we haven't looked back - only regret we did not come to Braemar House School years ago!

(5) School Leadership

The leadership team are amazing - so welcoming and hands on with the students, staff and parents. They know all the children by name, know how they are doing or if they need assistance. They are in contact all the time with blogs, emails and face to face. They greet each student in the morning and are there at the end of the day as well! Such a welcome change from our previous school. You feel welcome any time you are at Braemar!

(5) Teaching

The teachers are so engaged with the students. Our son's teacher has set up her classroom in a "U" shape so all the kids are facing with each other. She has a great idea - if a child is struggling with a concept, they have a way of indicating this to the teacher without drawing extra attention to themselves and then the teacher can assist privately. They have "homework haven" where a student can stay at lunch time or break to get extra help on any matter they might be struggling with. Our son has needed some extra help as the academic level was much lower at his old school and at Braemar the educators are all on board and eager to help out our son achieve his best!

(5) Academics

The motto at Breamar House School is "Striving for Excellence" and the children have a mantra that they say each morning. At each assembly, they talk about striving for excellence in everything they do and setting noble goals- the first time I heard it, it really touched me and brought home what we really wanted for our son. The academics are far superior to what we have experienced in the public school system and we strongly feel that it will greatly prepare our son for high school, university and beyond. The academic work ethics instilled at Braemar House School will serve him well in whatever life has in store for him. All the educators are on board to make sure our son succeeds.

(5) Extracurriculars

Our son is very athletic and was very excited to be able to participate on the school sports teams. The physical education teacher also leads the sports teams. Our son is really enjoying this aspect at the school. The school has tournaments with other private schools and he is getting much more exposure to athletics and other clubs than at his other school. As mentioned above, he is thriving!

(5) Students

You get a really warm welcoming feeling whenever you step into Braemar - from the staff and the students! All the kids seems to know each other, acting like a big family with the older kids helping and interacting with the younger kids. The students are so respectful when you pop into the school, they treat adults with respect and are proud of their school. The uniforms are a great asset and keep the students looking neat and "uniform" in their appearance. Our son, being the "new kid" has been warmly welcomed by his peers and feels "like he has always been there" - you never hear him say he doesn't want to go to school - it is such a positive environment and he is thriving!

(5) School Life

As I had mentioned above, the school has a "motto and mantra" about striving for excellence in everything they do - our son is loving that and again thriving! It is a peaceful & positive environment in which to learn. He has been getting involved in clubs and athletic teams and really feels a part of his school. I really believe had he not been getting involved the Executive Director would have known and checked in with us. The staff are really involved with the kids and really know what is going on. They check in with us, as does his teacher, to make sure we know how he is doing - a direct contrast to what we have been used to at our other school. The parents have also been so welcoming giving us some direction and assistance as parents in the community.

(5) Community

My husband and I have been warmly welcomed by the parents at Braemar House School. I was very involved at our last school and wanted to participate as a volunteer at Braemar as well. I have always been welcome by staff and students alike when I am at the school. I was a volunteer driver for the volleyball team to take them to another school for the team's first volleyball game - i really enjoyed meeting more parents at the event - everyone is very welcoming. Our executive director is extremely accepting of new parents and really does a great job of connecting us with other parents and making sure we feel we belong. I have joined the parent committee and am enjoying volunteering with the school.

(5) School Location

The school property is well located close to amenities in the area and close to highways should anyone need access. The school is in a nice neighbourhood and is in a safe area. The students have school field trips and go to other private schools for athletic events. They have lovely grounds and they have many clubs associated with gardening, composting, etc.

(5) Admissions

As mentioned above, we had considered Braemar House School a few times, at first when our son was starting school and another time before we finally decided on Braemar. On our previous visits, we went on a tour of the school and were given written information as well. This past spring, we were having some issues at our other school and really felt that the time was right for us to really explore Braemar. I called the school on a Monday, spoke with the executive director Kristin who remembered our family right away! I was so impressed as it have been a few years since we had last spoke. She arranged for our son to come to Braemar for two "observation" days (to assess his academic level, etc) the next day! He loved the school, felt warmly welcomed and our choice was made. They then had to talk to his current school to get feedback from the principal and to get records etc, and then his application went to the admissions board at Braemar House School. We received his acceptance about a week following. They were very clear on the process and we felt very comfortable in the experience. Enrolling our son at Braemar House School was one of the best choices we made as parents and we have never looked back!


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