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Grades Preschool TO Gr. 8 — Brantford, ON (MAP)

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  • Grades
    Preschool — Gr. 8
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  • Class Size
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  • Enrolment
    123 day students
  • Curriculum
    Traditional & Montessori

School address

  • 36 Baxter Street, Brantford, Ontario, N3R 2V8 (MAP)
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Our Perspective

How we see Braemar House School

Braemar House was founded in 1996 by a group of parents looking for a school for their children centred around their shared values and beliefs. That’s great of course, as are the specific values that they had in mind: citizenship, stewardship, and community. When we think of education, we think of academics, though those initial families were aware that academics, while important, are only one part of the bigger picture. The school has grown and formalized since then, as with the creation of the Citizenship Program in 2005, as well as the creation of the Virtues Project, which contribute to the other character building initiatives within the delivery of the core curriculum. There is of course an abiding attention to delivering a strong academic program—there has been a significant attention to developing 21st century literacies—though it’s the attention to values that remains, rightly, an important draw. The ideal student is one operating at the top of his or her peer group, able to thrive in a vibrant educational atmosphere. 

School's Perspective

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How Braemar House School sees itself

The school administration answered our questions

Who are you, as a school?

"Braemar House School is a not-for-profit, secular, independent elementary school offering children a supportive and enriched learning experience. Our strength is a strong academic program in a nurturing environment, complimented with a variety of extracurricular activities for all ages. Braemar offers highly committed teachers, a partnership between home and school, and small class sizes. We also provide a vibrant character education program and leadership opportunities."

What do you do differently and uniquely well?

"Braemar House School offers an enriched education in a non-denominational community. This is realized through our delivery of the curriculum, educational resources (ex. Chromebooks, manipulatives, & other resources), citizenship programming and extracurricular activities like sports and clubs. We are more than a house, it’s a home. Our classrooms & school have a feeling of community; there is a real sense of school spirit. We deliver excellent educational programming in a caring environment."

To your knowledge, why do families choose your school over others?

"What we hear from parents: they are looking or small class sizes, strong academic programming, enrichment, citizenship and the feeling of a school community. They want their children to love school and have an overall positive and fulsome experience. This is what our student’s experience."

What aspect of your school is underappreciated?

"The school culture is something that is undervalued. At Braemar, we offer an enriched academic program in a nurturing environment. The culture is something that is unique, and it is important and something we work to cultivate. There is a community feeling at Braemar and it has a positive impact on learning. There is a sense of everyone pulling together and wanting the best for each other. This is really valuable for students for their learning and social-emotional development."

What might families find surprising about your school?

"Once families join Braemar, and they have spent some time at the school, families experience how the school as a community is emphasized. Everyone takes care of everyone. They experience what small classes allow – a chance for students to have time with their teacher and their teacher to get to know them. Families also truly see the dedication of teachers and staff. Our staff work hard and offer wonderful programming, a well-rounded educational experience and a caring, nurturing environment."

School Facilities

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Instructional resources

Shared spaces

School Videos

Insider Perspectives

How people from the school’s community see Braemar House School

Video reviews of Braemar House School

Parent, Andrew and Darian Cowell (2023)

Watch our parent interview with Andrew and Darian Cowell to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to have a child attend Braemar House School.

Parent, Laura Maddison (2022)

Watch our parent interview with Laura Maddison to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to have a child attend Braemar House School.

Parent, Ruchika Angrish (2021)

Watch our parent interview with Ruchika Angrish to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to have a child attend Braemar House School.

Written reviews of Braemar House School


Alumnus, Trinity Hilsden (2023)

JK to Gr. 8 — During my time at Braemar, I felt like I was in an inclusive environment where I felt safe and accep...


Student, Jasmira Lail (2023)

Gr. 2 (current) — I love it here at Braemar House School. Everyone is included and everyone has a place. We have lots ...


Student, Michael Stradiotto (2023)

Gr. 6 (current) — The inclusive and supportive atmosphere at Braemar House School is just one of the many amazing thin...
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School leadership

Top-down influence on the school’s direction and tone

Message from school leadership

Kristin Pass, Executive Director

Braemar was founded by a small group of parents who wanted a different educational opportunity for their children.  They wanted a good education with opportunities for their children to excel and to reach their full potential in an encouraging setting.  In 2016 we celebrated our 20th anniversary, and we continue to work hard to meet the vision of the founding parents.

At Braemar we support our students in their academic journey and know that with personalized attention and individualized support, our students will thrive.  We also nurture and develop their curiosity, love of learning and awareness of their role in the world.

At Braemar our children have a terrific learning environment.  This is a result of our small class sizes, our comprehensive and innovative curriculum and the expertise of our qualified and dedicated teachers. We provide students with a strong academic foundation and enhanced programming in Music, Arts, French, Physical Education and Personal Well-being.  Our school is enriched by the partnership we have created between home and school.

I invite you to visit our school, I would be pleased to take you on a personal tour.  Come and explore and see why our students and families love the Braemar difference.



Kristin Pass


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