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REVIEW OF Hudson College BY student, Daniel DeBarros

  • Date of Review
    May 03, 2018
  • Grades
    Gr. 11 - Gr. 12

(4.5) Student Experience

My experience at Hudson College has been nothing but wonderful. Coming from a rather large school with upwards of 1800 kids, the transition couldn't have been smoother. From the first few seconds I entered the school everyone was welcoming and supportive. Hudson has endless support to offer in areas such as university, program choices, and personal support. I personally love the structure and feeling that Hudson provides you with on a daily basis. Throughout my past two years at the school I've been beyond content with my experience. When I come to school every day I feel as if I'm walking into my second home. My fellow classmates and students are always smiling, happy, and engaging.

(5) Teaching

The teaching staff at Hudson have been nothing but supportive since my first day here. My whole life I've struggled with all math and sciences, and had always told myself that once it wasn't required I would no longer take it. Before arriving at Hudson I hadn't passed math at my previous school due to extremely large class sizes and a lack of support. My first semester at the school I had to re due my math credit which was going to be a struggle for me. My teacher was nothing but supportive staying after class with me until sometimes as late as 6:30, and always pushed me to better myself whether it be organizational skills or self discipline. The teachers at Hudson maintain an appropriate informal relationship with the students. They incorporate interesting fun lessons while still pushing you to your true potential. With all the support and strong lessons they gave me, I went on with enough confidence to take two additional advanced math courses in my final year of high school.

(N/A) Academics

The academics at Hudson represent an amazing balance between social life while getting an education. The work load is heavy, but with Hudson's three semester school system every student is given more than enough time to complete the tasks given to them. Since I've been at Hudson I've realized the depth that teachers take for to ensure a better understanding for the students. In my past experience, teachers provide formulas and tell you to put the numbers in and get your answer. While in my first math course at Hudson I was extremely shocked to see teachers actually explaining why the formula works rather than just telling students to plug numbers in.

(N/A) Students

(5) School Location

Since the age of three, I've had several health issues such as type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, and allergies to all nuts. A big concern I always have is finding safe places for me to eat. Hudson is located off of St Clair, which had more restaurants to offer then I had expected. Every day at lunch many students go out for lunch to eat at local restaurants as well as big food chains. In the summer time there are parks and tons of things you can do within walking distance of the school

(5) Admissions

The transition moving from my previous school to Hudson College was an extremely easy and stress-free process. I had come for a tour to see what Hudson had to offer and within seconds of entering I was greeted by a staff member who began the tour and admission process. Like most people tend to be, I was extremely stressed to get accepted into Hudson College. However everyone that I had talked to was friendly, knowledgeable, and reassuring. The process was simple and quick. I came in for an interview with the upper school's principle, Jack Bavington, and after the interview was accepted into the school.


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