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Private schools in Canada have admissions policies, and they require application materials. These may include letters of application, application fees, essays, and tests (such as the SSAT). Many schools also require interviews with prospective students. Schools also use different criteria for evaluating student applications, have different acceptance rates, and target different kinds of students. To improve your child’s chances of acceptance, find out everything you can about a school’s admissions policies and how they assess applicants.

Admissions Requirements

Interview7 - 12
SSAT (out of province)
Entrance Exam(s)
Entrance Essay

NCA admissions deadlines and fees

Day students: Rolling
Boarding students: Rolling
Offer mid-year entry: Yes

Application fee: $0
Registration fee: $0
Deposit: $5,000

What NCA says about their admissions requirements:

Admission Requirements

Student admission is based on a three part process.

  1. Assessment of documents that include transcripts or report cards, I.E.P. (if applicable), psychological assessments (if applicable), the student’s letter of intent (stating why they might like to attend Nancy Campbell Academy and what they might contribute to our student body), certificates and proof of accomplishments and letters of reference. 

  2. Interview between student and vice principal or head of school. Approximately 30 minutes (can be done in person, by telephone or on Zoom). This is not a pass or fail situation - it is set up to get to know the student and to see how we can best meet the student’s needs and determine if it is a good school-student match. Students willing to learn is paramount. 

  3. The information gleaned about the student from parents or agents and any other professionals involved in the student’s life (health professionals, psychologists, etc.).

Students that are accepted receive an acceptance letter and students that are not accepted receive a denial letter with steps outlining what they could do better to reapply in the future.

Admission Process

Step 1: Complete the application and return it to the school with a copy of the applicant’s most

recent transcript or report cards from the previous school (previous 2 years) and a photocopy of

passport (photo page only) and immunization record.

Step 2: Documents are reviewed and the interview is scheduled for the student.

Step 3: An Invoice for the deposit is issued to the student with instructions on how to pay.

Step 4: Applicant is interviewed by the Principal or Vice-Principal (personal, telephone or skype).

Step 5: A Letter Of Invitation is issued to the successful candidate with the final invoice.

Unsuccessful candidates will receive a letter outlining the reasons and the deposit will be refunded.    

Step 6: Upon acceptance of the invitation and receipt of the payment in full, a Letter of Acceptance, Custodianship, and an account

statement is e-mailed to the International students. The Letter of Acceptance and Custodianship

declaration can be used as evidence to support an application for a Canadian study visa. 

Step 7: International students arrive at the school with an original copy of the following documents: Study

Permit and Visa; School records of the previous study; Immunization Record.

*If documents are not in English, they must have an official notarized translation.



Learn about the percentage of students typically accepted into Nancy Campbell Academy. This can help you gauge your chances of getting into this school. For instance, a 95% acceptance rate means a school is relatively easy to get into, while a 10% acceptance rate means it will be difficult to get into.

Nancy Campbell Academy acceptance rate: 80%

Day Boarding

Nancy Campbell Academy student entry points

Schools accept different numbers of students at different grade levels. Learn how many students are accepted into Nancy Campbell Academy at each grade level.

Student Type789101112
Day Acceptance
(Acceptance rate)
0 (80%)0 (80%)0 (80%)0 (80%)0 (80%)0 (80%)
Boarding Acceptance
(Acceptance rate)
0 (80%)0 (80%)0 (80%)0 (80%)0 (80%)0 (60%)

What type of student NCA is looking for:

It sounds like NCA values community, encouragement, and finding purpose in one's pursuits. NCA is looking for students who are interested in academic excellence, promoting good citizenship, and social justice. NCA also values creativity and innovation in the arts, sciences, and technology. Students who are interested in being part of a supportive and collaborative community of learners, and who are eager to make a positive impact on the world around them, may be a good fit for NCA.

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