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Nancy Campbell Academy Reviews

Gain exclusive insight into life at Nancy Campbell Academy from our carefully curated video and written reviews, including roundtable Q&As, that deliver in-depth insider info from parents, alumni and students.

Our Perspective on Nancy Campbell Academy

Founded in 1994, Nancy Campbell Academy is a preparatory school intending to provide a strong academic program, a foundation in character development, and to deliver students prepared to succeed in university. Gordon Naylor, the founder, remains as principal, giving valuable consistency to leadership. Over that time, curriculum was developed to address the overarching concepts of world citizenship, consistent with the provisions of the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It can risk sounding lofty, though the school works to ground those ideals within the day to day. “If we can create an environment that is based in an ethical way of doing things,” says Naylor, “then we can demonstrate what we’re about, rather than just posting something on the wall saying this is what we’d like to be.” Certainly, reports from students, parents, and alumni vouch for the success of the approach. Students are encouraged not just to consider the concepts of ethical citizenship, but to think about what they, personally, can bring to the world. Academic achievement is a source of social capital within the setting; this is a place where it’s very much cool to be smart, engaged, and curious. The student body is diverse, and the program is designed specifically to address the needs of international learners arriving from overseas. The program, in turn, is strengthened by the breadth of and diversity of perspectives that they bring with them. The size of the student population—enrolment averages 80 students across the secondary grades—ensures that every member is known to faculty and peers, and feels part of the school community.

Video reviews

Get crucial behind-the-scenes information about Nancy Campbell Academy from video interviews with probing questions that we recorded live with parents, current students, and recent alumni.

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Roundtable Q&A (2022)

Watch our Nancy Campbell Academy Q&A discussion to gain fresh insight into the school's culture, values, and strengths.

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Written reviews

Dive deeply into the real culture of Nancy Campbell Academy with reviews we’ve structured to highlight only the most valuable insights and opinions submitted by parents, students, and alumni.

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Parent, Jennifer Crawford (2020)

We are very happy with the staff and students at Nancy Campbell Academy. Our daughter felt tha...

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Parent, Sherry Brown (2020)

My daughter entered Nancy Campbell Academy at Semester in Jan 2020. Immediately she was welcom...

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Student, Lorelei Brown (2020)

I am a current student at Nancy Campbell Academy. I transferred in the second semester of my G...

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Parent, David Ryan (2020)

In a year of great turmoil, 2019/2020 was the first year our daughter attended NCA, her experie...

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Student, Nivia Dyal (2020)

Nancy Campbell is an amazing experience and I would never regret coming here. My confidence lev...

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Parent, Hugo Francato (2020)

I think it's safe to say that what my daughter likes the most, is the environment of the school...

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Parent, Angela Zhang (2019)

My child enjoyed and appreciated the warm, family-like atmosphere and a solid academic foundati...

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Student, Tara Sohanaky (2019)

I attended Nancy Campbell Academy for my 12th grade year. It was one of the best experiences I ...

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Parent, Walquiria Francato (2019)

Nancy Campbell Academy for My Daughter and Family is the realization of a dream. The school ha...

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Alum, Gabriel Quinn (2019)

My experience attending Nancy Campbell spanned from age 15 to 18 and were the most formative ye...

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THE OUR KIDS REPORT: Nancy Campbell Academy

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