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Walquiria Francato - Parent   (Nov 06, 2019)

The student body is very well prepared, the classes are small and the teachers are very capable. The size of the team I consider appropriate to ensure the educational quality that is the motto of the school. The sensitivity and spirit of the learning environment is light, stimulating and provides students the opportunity to further their educational process, stimulating them to learn and evolve, developing capable human beings, concerned with the improvement of the world and the people around them. And this is the dynamic that they work, and the way they interact provides all this training in an environment where students learn having fun and happy. I realize that "they aim to help students learn more about the purpose of their existence as spiritual beings in conjunction with the natural world around them, and to encourage them to think about the purpose of physical reality in a spiritual and scientific way.

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Angela Zhang - Parent   (Nov 19, 2019)

Students at Nancy Campbell Academy are from diverse cultures. To encourage them to work well with each other, the school sets up the Student Council. The council is made up of the students from different backgrounds, with duties to help other students with all kinds of problems, to hold activities, to make certain decisions. They act as representatives of every voice. In addition, the morning assembly each day is led by the principal himself and provides students with more opportunities to express their points of view. Apart from these, the small size of each class (less than 15 students) it builds a better student-friendly atmosphere and enables each student to receive individual attention from their teachers. As a result, the classroom instruction of the school is quite effective. 南希坎贝尔的学生来自世界各地,为了让学生更好地相互合作,学校建立学生会,由来自不同文化背景的学生担任,主要任务是帮助解决各种问题,举行活动,以及制定计划。其次,由校长亲自带领的每天早上的师生会让学生有更多的机会表达自我。另外,学校坚持的15人以下小班授课,营造了以学生为中心的氛围,让学生可以得到老师直接的关注,课堂教学便更为有效。

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Gabriel Quinn - Alumnus   (Nov 06, 2019)

It is very hard to give a review of the students, since the school is as small as it is, and the student body is constantly changing and growing. That being said, during my time at the school, the general attitude was shaped by a mutual goal to make the world a better place. most of my peers were strong-spirited, ambitious, diligent, talented, and felt like family. The atmosphere was one of action. How could we make the environment better? How could we get other students excited about serving the community? How can we create an attitude of striving for excellence? These were all questions we asked ourselves (I am referring to my class as senior students in reference to the other grade, and the student body as a whole). The typical student at Nancy Campbell will say yes to a community service opportunity, whether its tree planting, volunteering at a community event, or being involved in community outreach programs, and I think that says a lot. It certainly meant a lot to me. Nancy Campbell is one of the most diverse schools you will ever see, with students coming from all corners of the globe. This makes for a very strong and connected student body, who become more aware of the greater world beyond Canada.

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Tara Sohanaky - Student   (Nov 19, 2019)

You feel connected to all of the students at Nancy Campbell even if you are not the same age or in the same grade. Everyone wants to help each other out and be there for one another. No one at Nancy Campbell feels left out. If you go to the school you feel like you found yourself a new family. I remember on Christmas break everyone was sad that they were leaving and when they came back they were really happy. Students who don’t think they need to work in order to get to the place they want and achieve their dreams usually struggle in class. But if you have high hopes for yourself and a goal that you want to achieve then you are gonna have a great time in school.

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Hugo Francato - Parent   (Jan 21, 2020)

This year, they have about 70 students. They are from all over the world, with different languages and cultures. Many of them are apart from their parents for the first time. This could be a challenge, but they are taught to make the best of the situation. They are encouraged to share their experiences, and it gives them a vision of the world that would be impossible to achieve outside of Nancy Campbell Academy. My daughter has so many friends now, that sometimes is hard to find some time to talk to her by skype alone. She is always surrounded by friends!! Before she went I was really concerned about her loneliness. What really happened was the opposite, she was embraced by all the staff and students.

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Nivia Dyal - Student   (Feb 26, 2020)

The students here are multicultural. They are open to everyone. We learned a lot from each other and share ideas from our homeland. School here feels like our own little city where everyone created their own new vibe and we adapt to it. I won't categorize the students on what they do to be the best. Everyone has something that brings out the best in them and sharing what we know and our talents allows us to bring out the best in each other. This makes everyone feel included and not like an outsider. Making friends and socializing here is not challenging. I am antisocial but yet I managed to make friends that are now my family. And because of this I'm already planning my future in wanting to keep in touch with my classmates when I have my own family and kids.

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