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REVIEW OF Nancy Campbell Academy BY parent, Walquiria Francato

  • Date of Review
    November 06, 2019
  • Grades
    Gr. 8 - Gr. 12

(5) Student Experience

Nancy Campbell Academy for My Daughter and Family is the realization of a dream. The school has a unique educational sense and a commitment to the development of our children's education in those areas that emphasize each other's best skills. With friendship, love and unity, the school staff takes care of our children like family and it is gratifying to see the happiness of my daughter by knowing more and more the principles of this amazing school! We are Brazilians and it is very important to note that the way we were received and cared for by staff, teachers and administrators is as if we were members of their own families. The principles of the school are that our hearts should have affectionate kindness by all who cross our path. I am really delighted with this school.

(5) School Leadership

The school stands out for working our children's greatest skills, considering that "Every human being is a mine rich in priceless jewelry, and that education can only make them reveal her treasures and enable humanity to reap the benefits of it." (Baha'ú'llah) ". And this way of working emphasizing the nobility of man is a commitment of the school board since its foundation. That in itself ranks this school on an innovative level and that sees in our children the best they have.

(5) Teaching

I am very pleased with the education my daughter is receiving, and my main thermometer is her happiness in telling the advances and reports we have had from her response. Teachers are committed to their students and the commitment they see in their classes and interactions goes far beyond mere duty and is like a relationship of friendship, respect and commitment to the evolution of each student respecting their individuality. Communication is effective and providing feedback is always constructive as the focus of work is on developing what your child has best in his personality. I also feel that my daughter receives all the challenges she needs for her evolution and development, as well as the support and encouragement she needs to overcome them.

(5) Academics

Nancy Campbell Academy's academic program is complete and has many hours of selfless service. In terms of curriculum, it meets the highest standards of education. The school's strengths are, as I mentioned earlier, the curriculum and the importance Nancy Campbell Academy places on the broad and thorough education of our children is priceless. About the weaknesses, although I wouldn't classify it as being exactly a weak point, it is the city where the school is located that is hard to reach for out-of-town students because it only has one arrival and departure time from a train, but at the same time the city is beautiful, charming, and one of the tourist spots famous for its culture and arts. Therefore, I believe that these requirements compensate for the location in the interior of the state. The academic atmosphere is one of the points that in my opinion classify Nancy Campbell, as the best educational institution in the country. Because everyone is encouraged to share an atmosphere of unity, friendship, respect and equity. I am convinced that the Nancy Campbell Academy academic program will adequately prepare my daughter, because I consider this school an academic extension of the best values I have ever sought to teach my children, and this is invaluable to my daughter's future.

(5) Extracurriculars

I am convinced that there are enough extracurricular opportunities offered at Nancy Campbell Academy for my children to have the best and most complete education possible and to start their careers in a way that my spouse and I could not, having studied at schools in Brazil. I feel redundant in continuing to talk about the things I admire about at Nancy Campbell Academy, but I don't feel it's too much to emphasize the trust I have in all who serve as teachers and school staff at the institution. Therefore, I believe that these opportunities are adequate and qualify my children adequately to participate in both the competition and the fun. Considering how much the school values teamwork, unity and the affectionate environment among the educational imperatives they apply.

(5) Students

The student body is very well prepared, the classes are small and the teachers are very capable. The size of the team I consider appropriate to ensure the educational quality that is the motto of the school. The sensitivity and spirit of the learning environment is light, stimulating and provides students the opportunity to further their educational process, stimulating them to learn and evolve, developing capable human beings, concerned with the improvement of the world and the people around them. And this is the dynamic that they work, and the way they interact provides all this training in an environment where students learn having fun and happy. I realize that "they aim to help students learn more about the purpose of their existence as spiritual beings in conjunction with the natural world around them, and to encourage them to think about the purpose of physical reality in a spiritual and scientific way.

(5) School Life

My daughter loves studying at Nancy Campbell Academy, but since we live in Brazil and our country in relation to Canada is much lower in salary values, our biggest concern is that we would like to keep her there throughout high school, but we don't know if this will be possible. However, even having the possibility of sending her to this school, so dear to our hearts, even if it's only for a single school year, is a very big blessing. We will be eternally grateful, as a family, for the welcome, for the affection, for the solidarity, for the welcome and for the happiness that this educational institution has given to our daughter.

(5) Community

What stands out about the wider community at Nancy Campbell Academy, in addition to what I've already said, is the concern they demonstrate for the society in which they operate. As a result, they charge students for a larger, more selfless service schedule than we usually see in other school curricula. Parents are not only welcome to be involved in school life, but they feel essential in this process because the school values family interaction and recognizes the sacrifice each family makes to send our children to be in their care and under their academic responsibility. I think they work on this in the right way, giving freedom to our children, but within a protection placed by limits that are, in my opinion, pillars for a good education.

(5) School Location

About the neighborhood and the school community, complementing what I said before, so I prefer to cite an example: There was a welcome barbecue for parents and students on the Sunday before classes began. The older and more accustomed students from the neighborhood presented the residents near the school with the beautiful bouquets of flowers from the decoration of the barbecue. In a beautiful display of gratitude for their patience and their respect to the residents for having gathered so many people there that Sunday. This was a pleasure and an apology if the barbecue has caused any inconvenience to the neighbors. Even though, in my opinion, everything took place in a family environment, organized, welcoming and without disturbing the order of the place, the school had this lovely concern for the people who live in its surroundings. Students are often encouraged to have freedom within a boundary pattern that is very transparent, and parents participate in this freedom by remotely authorizing any activity that takes place outside the school curriculum. The school by no means remains isolated from the surrounding community and is well known for its valuable participation within the city.

(5) Admissions

As a mother, who lives far from my beloved daughter, I can assure you how safe I feel knowing that she is so well cared for. What I remember most about my experience in the application process was that I had no idea that it would be possible for my daughter to be admitted to a school with such a high standard and at such a cost beyond my means, but I was so kindly welcomed by the team that we gradually gained confidence and delighted in the effort they all made to make my daughter's dream a reality. At no time did I think that this process was stressful, or I was bored by any situation. What I found about the admissions officers is that they worked beyond what I imagined possible to show me how much this school was the most appropriate option for my daughter and worked diligently to make everything possible for our application. There is nothing else I might want to change, because without this competent team, I can assure you that I would not have the confidence I had in taking this very important step in my daughter's career.

(5) University placement and counselling

For those who live in Brazil, like me, that education is so different from that of Canada, the university's counseling program is something essential for our daughter's future decisions. And I feel that she is being closely followed in this as well, the school has for each student a teacher who is a counselor, and who is the one that the young person chooses because they have more affinity, and this teacher is trained to support and direct the student to the choices that will make him happy, ensuring that our child chooses what is most compatible with his skills and abilities. So far, all the doubts we had about our daughter's future university processes have been properly addressed, and this allows us to draw up plans for her to continue in school until she applies for college.


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