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REVIEW OF Nancy Campbell Academy BY parent, David Ryan

  • Date of Review
    August 07, 2020
  • Grades
    Gr. 9 - Gr. 9

(5) Student Experience

In a year of great turmoil, 2019/2020 was the first year our daughter attended NCA, her experience was outstanding. One of the primary reasons for choosing NCA was the global awareness to student development and a class size that allowed greater attention to student needs. The switch to online classes was seamless and we were kept full apprised of where she needed assistance and where she was excelling. The teachers desire to see nothing but the very best results was the catalyst for her strong academic results. I think our daughter found the class structure engaging and enjoyable. She talked about her struggles but also about how she planned to overcome them with support of her classmates and more importantly, older students that sought to support her when and where they could.

(5) School Leadership

Under the direction of a dedicated and caring faculty, stressing the importance of individual student development, in all areas of life, not just academics, NCA showed wise and compassionate leadership while dealing with our daughters life lessons. Keeping us, as parents, fully informed and part of a larger working group of caring professionals. We are grateful for a school that promotes consultative solutions and logical consequences to challenges facing a young student away from home for the first time.

(5) Teaching

The dedication to teaching and development of the students to reach their full potential was clearly evident at NCA. Keeping us, as parents, informed weekly through clear lines of open dialogue, if there were areas of concern that needed further review and consultation. When switched to online classes, it was very apparent that the teachers were ready and willing to take the extra step necessary to achieve the desired success. Students were proactive in ensuring that everyone was reaching their full potential. When our daughter struggled in one particular class, the teacher was quick to email us and offer concrete solutions to ensure a passing grade. The vice principal and guidance councillor were always available to answer all of my prying questions when I was feeling stressed about our daughters activities

(5) Academics

Our daughter - while struggling to overcome learning disabilities - was well-positioned for success at NCA due to a culture of inclusion. No student was left to feel alone or without guidance. When problems arose, teachers and faculty worked diligently to find the appropriate academic solution and through consultation with appropriate agencies, we were able to ensure her success in the academic year. Our daughter arrived at school with a previous individual learning plan and with appropriate consultation and adjustments to fit the academic requirements, her transition to a new school went as well as it possibly could have. All teachers were aware of her limitations (and strengths) and always sought to bring out the best in her attempts to meet the academic standards.

(5) Extracurriculars

One of the best parts of NCA is the dedication to community involvement that each student is encouraged to pursue. Youth empowerment programs that our daughter is involved in has allowed her to take an active role in facilitating and assisting with others in the community. It has instilled a sense of community service that you won’t find at most high schools. After school tutoring was available to her as well.

(5) Students

Although small in size, NCA is rich in diversity. Students from all over the world have opened our daughters eyes to see things from a global perspective. She will have these connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. She has blossomed as a human being and feels a sense of inclusion and acceptance at Nancy Campbell Academy. My wife and I had the bounty of attending the schools celebration of Chinese New Year, and will always remember the way that her classmates and other students were inclusive in the way they loving welcomed us to be a part of the festivities. Our daughter felt compelled to try and learn some Portuguese as several of her new friends were from Brazil. The atmosphere is truly lovely and inviting

(5) School Life

We, as parents, sometime forget that our 15 year old daughter is her own person, trying to find her path in life. She is so engaged with her school and classmates that coming home for breaks and in this trying year of COVID having to finish her classes online, was as difficult as leaving home in the first place. She loves her school, her classmates and yes, even her teachers. Her first experience living away from us in a residential living environment has been a success, the dorm parents have been wonderful and caring. They always show a desire to see that our daughter is in a safe and loving space. The introduction of uniforms has been a positive experience as well, no worries about trends and peer pressure.

(5) Community

We have spent a fair bit of time consulting with the school with regards to our daughters development as a student but more importantly as a member of society. The school has been very open to frank and loving consultation with us about all aspects of her life away from family. They have become her community and I feel she is in capable and safe hands. The broader community has also engaged the students in providing potential places away from school to visit and socialize in a structured and safe environment. My sister lives fairly close to the school in an adjacent town and has felt very welcome when visiting the school. Having extended family somewhere close has had a positive effect on our daughters development as well.

(5) School Location

The small town atmosphere that Stratford represents provides reassurance to us. Our daughter does venture out into the greater community and it is that small town feel that enables us to have a sense of safety. Involvement with community projects and youth groups has also been encouraging. All of her need are met in small area around the school and walking to school from her residence is a very picturesque walk

(5) Admissions

Although my wife did most of the required submissions for enrolling her, I think she found the process fairly straightforward and simple. Anytime you are choosing to spend money to aid your child in reaching their full potential, it comes with a wide assortment of stresses. Are there scholarships? What about residence and “room and board”? Do I need to come up with the financial stuff right away? All of these questions were dealt with in a timely manner and with little stress. Monthly payments worked best for us and getting all the required transcripts, medical records and the need for other documents were all clearly laid out by the admissions department. All questions were answered quickly and satisfactory. I wouldn’t change anything about the process.


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