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Roundtable Q&A Discussion About Nancy Campbell Academy (2022)

Nancy Campbell Academy alumni, current students, and parents shared their insights on the school’s culture, values, strengths, and weaknesses. Hear what Samantha, Emily, Françoise, Walquiria and Hugo had to say about the school.

Highlights from the Q&A discussion

Samantha — alum

Samantha, an alumna, says how much she valued Nancy Campbell Academy's community and mentorship, noting the school's unique culture of personal growth and service. She appreciated the deep connections and support from staff, contrasting with her less personal university experience.

  • I think what I most appreciated about my time at the school was the tight-knit community we had with teachers and admitted students and staff who were all really close and connected. I think that in university, the culture is a bit different. I miss those connections now that I've left. But within my alumni class, we still try to keep a somewhat close relationship, especially with the upcoming graduation. We're all super excited to come see the school and reminisce about the memories we had.

  • The hands-on experience that we had, especially with assembly, changed my perspective. Assembly was a very upbeat, open, exciting place where you had to show your personality. I was a very shy, closed person when I first came to Nancy Campbell, but I made such close relationships with people that I probably would have never made if not for those situations.

  • In my first year, my mentor and I were really connected. That type of connection was really encouraged within the school. This mentor to student connection is different from what you might find in a public school or a different private school.

  • I think what most differentiates Nancy Campbell from other schools is the push and encouragement to serve and to do service. Once after I left, I felt this need to serve, even in small acts like helping someone across the street with their groceries. This mentality of service is missing from other schools and even from my life now.

  • When I first came to Nancy Campbell as an international student, the RAs (resident advisors) would check on me and encourage me to participate in activities, which doesn't happen outside of this school environment. The relationship that we had with our RAs and our teachers and staff was so amazing. They always went above and beyond to help their students. 

  • If Nancy Campbell was a person, I would describe their personality as compassionate, very friendly, and fun. This reflects the character and personality of the people at the school.

  • Something that would surprise families is the size of the school and how small and intimate it is. This small size enables you to actually get to know every single person deeply, making you a mosaic of different people and experiences.

Emily — alum

Emily, a recent alumna, describes Nancy Campbell Academy as a nurturing environment where teachers and staff deeply care for students. She emphasises the value of mentorship and community, beyond academics.

  • The relationship between teachers and students is something I appreciated at Nancy Campbell and missed in university. Having a mentor for four or five years was like having an auntie. For international students, this mentorship must have been even more significant.

  • The care that teachers at Nancy Campbell show for their students is remarkable, and it’s such a contrast to my university experience. Teachers would remind us of upcoming due dates or offer extensions, showing a deep concern for our success. Teachers saw students, not just as learners, but as complex individuals with their own lives and challenges.

  • At Nancy Campbell, the care and understanding extended beyond the teachers to other staff, like the kitchen staff and resident advisors (RAs). My university residence experience lacked this level of personal engagement. The weekly check-ins and meetings at Nancy Campbell’s residence created a community that was missing in my university living experience.

  • I valued the opportunity at Nancy Campbell to interact with and learn from students older than me, which is something I didn't experience at my previous middle school or in my university residence. These interactions at Nancy Campbell led to long-lasting friendships, and gave me access to diverse perspectives, and a chance to grow outside my comfort zone.

  • My advice to new students at Nancy Campbell would be to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Embracing new experiences and stepping out of your comfort zone leads to personal growth and lasting relationships. I regret the time I spent closed off in my initial years, missing out on the close-knit community and opportunities to connect with peers and teachers.

  • What I also enjoyed, though with a love-hate relationship, was living in the residence for one year. The daily commute on the bus, during all of the seasons, was something we often dreaded, especially when we weren't properly dressed for the weather. But this experience also forged new friendships during those 20-minute walks to school when someone missed the bus.

Françoise — current parent

Françoise, the parent of a recent alumna, talked about Nancy Campbell Academy's intimate and supportive environment, its caring staff, and the attention to core values, which greatly benefited and transformed her children's lives.

  • From day one, I was amazed at Nancy Campbell Academy by how well the principal knew every single student by name. This was exactly what we were looking for in a school, and it has felt like home ever since. We're hoping our other daughter will attend Nancy Campbell, too.

  • A friend introduced us to Nancy Campbell Academy. We did our research, contacted the school, and immediately felt at home, so we applied and went through the interview process. We are an international family. My husband worked for the United Nations, so our children have attended private schools all their life. But we wanted smaller schools, where we could actually meet with the teachers and staff.

  • The closeness of the teachers and students at Nancy Campbell Academy was a pleasant surprise to me, unlike other international schools, which sometimes are not much different from public schools. The morals and discipline at Nancy Campbell, taught not harshly but with love, were impressive and reassuring, especially compared to some other international schools, where I saw a lack of moral guidance.

  • My daughter was initially very shy, but over time at Nancy Campbell, she became much more open and sociable. The school was incredibly supportive, especially after the passing of their father. They provided all the support my children needed, making the school truly feel like a second home. My son, on the other hand, did not struggle as much; he was more outgoing and quickly made friends.

  • My daughter calls Nancy Campbell 'home away from home', and even today she asked if she could return a week early for her program. The school has become a second home for my children, and I am very grateful for the environment and care they received there.

  • I would describe Nancy Campbell Academy as accommodating, friendly, and a fun place to be. The values of the school, from the teachers to the students and the whole community, are impressive. I was introduced to the Baha'i Faith through Nancy Campbell, which has taught me a lot and positively influenced my children.

Walquiria and Hugo — current parent

Hugo and Walquiria, current parents, shared their appreciation of Nancy Campbell Academy's nurturing environment, personalised education, and strong values, and highlighting their daughter's impressive growth and multicultural experiences at the school.

  • We sent Nancy Campbell Academy an email. The swift and engaging response we received started a promising conversation. We’re from Brazil, and we were researching schools abroad, in Europe and North America.

  • The school surpassed all our expectations. We always thought the school would be great, but it turned out to be much more than that. Our first trip to Canada to visit Nancy Campbell Academy was an eye-opening experience. It offers a sense of family and community, not just education. It was small, like Emily mentioned, but its impact is so significant.

  • It’s so important to us that Nancy Campbell provides a safe and nurturing environment. It offers not just education but a dream-like experience with its warm, resilient community.

  • Our daughter's transformation at Nancy Campbell was remarkable. The school provided her with a multicultural environment, making her a citizen of the world. Her serious attitude towards studies impressed us, and she has grown into a responsible young woman. Now, most of her friends are from Canada, because of her experiences at the school.

  • The values taught at Nancy Campbell Academy were a key factor in choosing the school. We believe that knowledge without values is incomplete, and sometimes dangerous. Nancy Campbell's small size allows for a personalised approach to each student, creating a home away from home. This nurturing environment is evident in the way the school community, including other families, offered support and assistance, like offering a place for our daughter to stay during the holidays.


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