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REVIEW OF Nancy Campbell Academy BY student, Tara Sohanaky

  • Date of Review
    November 19, 2019
  • Grades
    Gr. 12 - Gr. 12

(5) Student Experience

I attended Nancy Campbell Academy for my 12th grade year. It was one of the best experiences I have had in my life! There was always a positive vibe all around the school. The teachers and the staff also really care about you. They are readily available to help out any student one on one with any academic or emotional concern. Not only do they care about your academic progress they also care about your position in society and for you to become a helpful soul. Students do outreaching to help their neighbourhoods and try to make the world a better place. The environment is really good to the point where you become family and have family at the school. Overall I really enjoyed my experience there and I recommend this school.

(5) School Leadership

I respect all the school leaders. They guide you into the right path. They are always there for you when you need them. They always care about your wellbeing no matter what, especially the teachers. If you have a problem or you’re going through something they make sure to take care of it or help you through it. I remember whenever I had a problem or were worried about my studies I’d ask for an advice from one of my teachers even if he/she wasn’t teaching the course I was struggling in.

(5) Teaching

They do not ask too much of you. They are always considerate. They take your social life, personal life and school life into consideration. But they do challenge you. All the teachers have high hopes for students. If a student is struggling in class they do not take their attention away from them, they make sure to help them out as best as they can. They think of all the student as equals but at the same time if some of the students are ahead in work or already know that subject, they will give them extra work. They see your strength and weaknesses and work on what is best for you. Overall the teachers really care. They also make sure to let you what they expect from you.

(5) Academics

What we are learning is not too easy and it is not hard to the point that you do not understand a thing. It challenges you to work and study, but if you put time and study you are going to succeed in your classes. What you are learning in class is what the Ministry of Education provides. But the good thing about Nancy Campbell is that they teach you more than academic stuff. They teach you life lessons and spirituality. What they reach and the way they teach it is going to be helpful to you for the rest of your life.

(5) Extracurriculars

I participated in dance class as well as gym class. Nancy Campbell is all about team work so no matter what the situation is, there is always going to be room for participation. There are always opportunities for people to do what they wish to do during their free time. I’m very pleased with the extracurricular activities offered.

(5) Students

You feel connected to all of the students at Nancy Campbell even if you are not the same age or in the same grade. Everyone wants to help each other out and be there for one another. No one at Nancy Campbell feels left out. If you go to the school you feel like you found yourself a new family. I remember on Christmas break everyone was sad that they were leaving and when they came back they were really happy. Students who don’t think they need to work in order to get to the place they want and achieve their dreams usually struggle in class. But if you have high hopes for yourself and a goal that you want to achieve then you are gonna have a great time in school.

(5) School Life

I would probably take them to the third floor. Third floor is the place the classrooms are. They put two large couches there. My friends and I used to go there whenever we had a break and I would always sleep on the couches for a little while or even study for my exams. Another place that we spent a lot of our time was the gym. Usually during break time- students put on music and have fun. Another one of my favorite rooms is the art room. Art is my passion and I spent a lot of time time there. The teachers will let you use the art supplies there for free and you have a whole room to do what you want as long as you keep it clean.

(5) Community

The school does feel like home after a while. It took me only two weeks to get comfortable at the school. Especially because I’m an international student and everything was new for me, you’re spending your whole time around these people and this place. When I first went to Nancy Campbell I thought by the end of the year no one would know me or even my name, but by the end of the year I made a strong bond with everyone in school. Everyone is included in everything as long as they want to be. They will make you feel welcomed and comfortable. It is a happy and warm community that appreciates unity in diversity. Overall I found my second family at Nancy Campbell Academy.

(4) School Location

We did go off campus quiet a lot. Specially on the weekends. This might be a problem for some people and an advantage for others but Stratford is a small city that does not have many places for teenagers. There is one mall in the whole city. This never stopped us from going out though.

(5) Admissions

Admission for me was quite odd. The way schools work in my country is way different than here but Nancy Campbell made it quite easy. I applied for the school online through Nancy Campbell website. There was a form that I had to fill in with all the information about me, my parents and etc and then I had to send them some of the extra activities I did. Also there is going to be an interview. My interview was with the principal Mr Naylor. I was a wreck when the interview started but immediately he made me feel at ease and comfortable. They will ask you important questions not all academic ones. The interview took about 45 mins and after that I had to wait for an email of admission.


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