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REVIEW OF Nancy Campbell Academy BY student, Nivia Dyal

  • Date of Review
    February 26, 2020
  • Grades
    Gr. 11 - Gr. 12

(5) Student Experience

Nancy Campbell is an amazing experience and I would never regret coming here. My confidence level is 100 percent after spending one year here. This school gave me the opportunity to express how I feel and made me realize talents that I thought I did not have. I could not love this school more. I came here shy, knowing no one to know every one of the students and staff. Everyone here supports each other and this is what I wanted all my life. We met and became family for a lifetime. I wish I attended earlier but nevertheless I'm loving it. There's nothing I would want to change because every day the school is growing - with a more positive impact on both staff and teachers.

(5) School Leadership

I have full respect for all the school leaders here. They are my role models. The teachers aren't just teachers they are supportive and I can tell from experience that they treat us like their very own children. This is the only school I've been to and not one day have I felt uncomfortable expressing my feelings or asking for help. There are some times when I think I'm a failure but the motivation they give makes me think that I can do it. This school changed me and Nancy Campbell made me more active in the community.

(5) Teaching

The teachers are cooperative. They don't force a student to do anything. If I'm having a bad day they are understanding. This is what I love about it. Teachers know what I am capable of even though I don't know what I want. Sometimes I think I might give up and my teacher would start listing all my qualities and this shows me how well they know me and what I can do. This pushes me and would get me back to my feet able to complete what I left off. They are never negative and would do anything for me and other students to achieve our goals and success. I started from 37 percent and moved up to an 87 percent without being pressured. I love the patience they have with students learning.

(5) Academics

I would not say the work is easy or hard. We need to still put our mind to it and be a hard worker. Though it is set up in a way to make students understand what they're learning, and when they finish they have a wide capacity of knowledge in their work. The classes I have taken, I passed and I still know and remember what I learned. This is how I was able to help other students because I was familiar with the work and have an understanding. What I learned here will definitely help me in life too. Not only work but having to manage school and outside activities prepped me to do that. Nancy Campbell does not pack their students with lots of homework and projects only. They are flexible and also teach kids to manage time and academics. We can still have fun and study while easily passing our examinations. I am a different learner and the teachers would take time off giving us extra time helping me with extra tutoring. They see potential in students that don't see their own potential and this is what I needed. I'm glad I completed high school so I won't have to be questioning myself in university.

(5) Extracurriculars

I took part in many extra activities. Theres nothing I wish the school offered because if we suggest something we want, they make it happen right away. Everyone has something to do. There is always something to keep you busy. I am never bored here. Last week of school when school was closed I would still go back to help teachers. I loved it here.

(5) Students

The students here are multicultural. They are open to everyone. We learned a lot from each other and share ideas from our homeland. School here feels like our own little city where everyone created their own new vibe and we adapt to it. I won't categorize the students on what they do to be the best. Everyone has something that brings out the best in them and sharing what we know and our talents allows us to bring out the best in each other. This makes everyone feel included and not like an outsider. Making friends and socializing here is not challenging. I am antisocial but yet I managed to make friends that are now my family. And because of this I'm already planning my future in wanting to keep in touch with my classmates when I have my own family and kids.

(5) School Life

If I were to give a tour to a group of visitors I would first take them to the media room. This room has everything from what we have done in school in the past year. It has memories of the old students, coffee houses, showcases, etc that would wow an outsider. I would be able to show them what our school does and they will be inspired by the pictures and videos. The media room best captures our moments. Also, every study knows a little about media so it is always open. Whether it's a project or not - we are allowed to make our own memories with equipment, which allows us to bond more because of the arts we do that make us closer. It's an amazing room this is why I love hanging out in there. Thanks to our cool Mr Rushdy that made this amazing room for us to capture our childhood and high school days.

(5) Community

Nancy Campbell is very much like a home to me. It's a home because I dont have to walk in being stressed and have to fear a certain student or teacher. Everyone is so kind. If I'm having a bad day someone notices and eventually by the ending of the day it is better. I also would feel free to talk to a mentor and the teachers are good at making students feel like a person. We live in happiness here and there's not a day I can be sad around my folks. The positivity here remains. Everyone here is just included in everything and this is what makes us family. We support each other whether we don't know what someone's going through.

(5) School Location

Campus is great. I'm on and off during the days due to certain activities I'm involved in. It's a lovely environment and I don't mind staying there the entire day either. It has places for you to study or even hang out. It makes me feel like I'm at home. It isn't a place that would make you want to leave. It also has certain activities such as yoga, chess clubs, math club and all sorts that would interest others.

(5) Admissions

Admission was not difficult at all. All I did was email the school saying I am very interested in coming to their school and in less than an hour I got a quick response. One advice I will give you if you're planning - is to submit all your required documents and it will be a breeze for you to complete. One thing I recall during my experience was just waiting anxiously to be accepted. But they made the process easier all things considered. I now know how to apply to study abroad on my own. This high school application gave me a little practice on what to expect if I want to study elsewhere.


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