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April 6, 2020

It worked!

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Students,

Yes, it did work!

This first week of Telelearning has been reassuring in regards to our choice of approaches to online teaching and learning.  Can you imagine, we even had TéléADLC and TED ED club running!

In hindsight, I should have recorded the conversation between teachers on Monday morning and also during our “what works, what doesn’t” Google Meets at 4 pm.   Teachers were so excited to “see their students” and to connect with them. They were also eager to begin and experience AcadeKIDZ/Cap’s Telelearning. The energy was comparable to the one felt on the first day back to school in September.

Teachers are quite impressed by all our students, their commitment to continue to learn, even from home and online.   This week, they have shown responsibility. When they attend and do their work, they also respect the hard work the teachers put in to keep them learning.  Over the course of the week, teachers were pleasantly encouraged by the increased student participation and attention to the tasks. Even our little ones at AcadeKIDZ now get to meet and greet at different times during the week.

And commendation is to be given to our MYP and OSSD students who have taken responsibility and ownership of their learning. We are aware that for most MYP and OSSD students, it must be frustrating, somewhat, to see public school friends still in “March Break mode” with an assured pass, if three hours of work in a course are completed weekly. The latter was announced today.

However, anticipating such a scenario, it was agreed among the MYP and OSSD teachers, as early as the first week of March, that this ministry solution would entail gaps, large gaps, in student understanding of concepts, acquisition of knowledge and development of skills. Since these gaps would follow them throughout their academic years, at the OSSD and at university or college, it was decided that ACKIDZ/CAP Telelearning would continue to implement MYP and OSSD curriculum and assessment expectations as well as expect attendance and participation to approximate or meet the “previous” 110 hours credit requirement.

We wish to thank each and every parent for supporting their child’s learning via Telelearning and for trusting in our approach. We appreciate how much energy and planning it takes on your part to ensure your child logs in and/or participates in the learning activities and lessons.  We realize that you have to attend, just like we do, to your own work and life priorities, to your health and to the health of your loved ones in these extraordinary times.

#çavabienaller, #andràtuttobene, #wewillbeok, #todovaestarbien

Be Safe

Lucie Lalonde

PS:  We would like as many translations of #wewillbeok, as there are many speakers of world languages in our community.

PSS: For additional updates on what is being accomplished in every class at AcadeKIDZ and AcadeCAP,  please do see us and  on the Acadecap Facebook, Instagram and my LinkedIn.  Sharing of our posts would be most appreciated.

PSSS:  Chef Erick is set to prepare and deliver meals to your family.  Please contact him at [email protected] to obtain a menu

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