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May 27, 2019

Reach Ahead Accelerated Program

As the Sherwood Heights’ curriculum is comprehensive and challenging, our students are well positioned to reach ahead to complete certain secondary school ministry expectations. 

If a student is ready and able to do so comfortably, they will place themselves ahead when they start grade 9 in secondary school as demonstrated below:

  1. Reaching ahead and earning academic credits allows students to take additional academic courses in line with their post-secondary pursuits. For example, in grade 9, students will take the grade 10 math course and so on, as they progress.  By the time they reach grade 12, students will have the opportunity to take additional courses in line with their post-secondary educational programme such as additional advanced math or science courses.
  2. The reach ahead programme allows students to round their interests and expand their horizons by allowing them to take additional courses they may not have time to take in secondary school.  Students in secondary school may not be able to take all the courses of interest as their timetable is often filled with mandatory courses they will need to enter university.  Therefore, courses such as French, gym, music, art, computers, or business are at times disregarded to allow room for the mandatory academic courses.
  3. Reaching ahead allows students more time to focus on the other Mandatory credits they need for admissions to university.

Reaching ahead gives students a head start and opens new options to help them become better prepared for their post-secondary education. 


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May 27, 2019
Sherwood Heights School
Reach Ahead Accelerated Program

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