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April 28, 2020

What does school mean to you during COVID-19 quarantine?

All of us are very familiar with the idea of school.  Some of us went to large public schools and for others, our school was small.  Some have attended school in Canada and others have experienced schools abroad.  Some of us may have engaged in alternative learning environments, were homeschooled or even unschooled.  Regardless of our own school history, we are all familiar with the notion of school.  School means something different for everyone.

Here’s what school means to us at March Academy.

School is Community

School is a time in our day to come together as a community.  We share ideas and joys with each other.  We ask questions and discover new ways of thinking that we might not have come across without each other.  School is a time to be with friends and colleagues in a positive space.  We engage politely and respectfully with each other.  We honour the opinions and experiences of others in our community, especially if those ideas are new to us.  Community is an important part of the March Academy experience.

School is Learning

Everyone is learning at March Academy.  Every day, teachers are learning something new about their students.  As a result, teachers are constantly thinking of how to best reach each child.  Students are learning how to best navigate the world in which they interact.  School is a time for students to develop essential skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics.  School is also a time for children to be creative, to move, to innovate, and to learn new skills they might never have believed possible.  March Academy is all about learning.

School is Perfect for Me

Most importantly, at March Academy, school is a place where all our students thrive.  We believe that a school is a place for students to find their path along the learning journey – a path that works for them.  Through assessment, observation, and partnership with parents, experienced teachers determine how each child learns best.  Teachers learn each child’s strengths and areas where each child could grow.  Regardless of where a student is in his/her development when they enter March Academy, teachers work as a team to move each student forward.  Students, along with their parents, set individual goals for themselves and communicate these goals to their teacher in regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year.  At March Academy, we work hard to make the school experience ‘just-right’ for each child.

No matter in what circumstance we find ourselves, these key beliefs of school hold true for us.  At the time of writing this post, all schools are closed across Ontario and everyone is practicing social-distancing.  School, however, is still going on for students and teachers at March Academy.  We are meeting online each morning at 9:00 a.m. for ‘Meeting Place’ led by our principal.  We get to hear the voices and see the faces of all members of our community.  Student learning continues through email lessons and on several virtual platforms that help tailor lessons for each child.  Our Physical Education teacher is gathering students online to engage in movement activities together.  Our Music teacher is meeting online with each student to continue with their individual piano lessons.  Special projects still continue as each classroom teacher also meets regularly online with their class of students.  Keeping a positive spirit and a sense of purpose will always be important to the educators at March Academy.

To learn more about The March Academy Way and how we provide guidance on the path to lifelong learning, visit our website at

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