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February 5, 2021

Why parents choose March Academy

Families and students seek the services of March Academy for many reasons and become aware of the Academy through a variety of resources.  Families remain at the school and professionals continue to recommend March Academy because of the following reasons.

A vibrant, engaging curriculum

All curriculum presented at March Academy uses the Ontario Ministry of Education expectations as an underlying framework. The Academy continually augments lessons with activities designed to more fully engage students in the learning process.  All lessons have outcomes that seek to develop the whole child as a life-long learner.

Educating the whole child

Music, arts, integrated studies and physical activities are integral parts of a program. Wherever possible, March Academy provides experiences and activities which move beyond what is traditionally part of the classroom in an effort to educate the whole child.

A caring, safe environment

March Academy is an environment where student anxiety can be minimized and is replaced with excitement for learning and going to school. Students feel comfortable and safe enough to make mistakes along the way without incurring negative feelings about themselves and their abilities.  March Academy’s family groupings and supportive staff and student community allows for a student to take risks and enables them to reach new heights in their learning.

A recognition of unique student strengths

March Academy believes that all students can be successful under the right circumstances.   By building basic skills and using existing student strengths to support difficulties or reach higher expectations, students will be able to reach their full potential.

Small class sizes and a knowledgeable staff

March Academy recognizes that some children are in need of extra attention or support. Through small class sizes, specialized programming and experienced teachers, March Academy provides the necessary setting and caring, professional attention to allow a child to achieve to their true potential.  Wherever possible, suggestions made for individual students by health and educational professionals are incorporated into tasks to facilitate learning.

A team approach

Communication is a critical part of a student’s success in a learning environment.  Parents, teachers and in some cases, other professionals, work together at March Academy to ensure that a common goal in is sight.

The importance of friendships

‘No man is an island’ at March Academy.  The importance of social development and support, where and when needed, ensures that all students at March Academy feel a part of the March Academy family.  Students develop a better understanding of themselves and what it means to be, as well as have, a friend.  Working in teams and partnered activities for learning activities in a supportive environment further fosters and encourages leadership opportunities as well as a better understanding of personal strengths and needs.

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